The Action Elite Live: The War Room- EXTERMINATOR Vs. EXTERMINATOR 2

By: John M Jerva

In the first ever versus battle on The War Room Live, Eoin and J-Man discuss the Exterminator films from the 80’s with Robert Ginty as a cross between Paul Kersey and Frank Castle in a wonderful example of exploitation cinema. Which film was the victor? Was it Exterminator or Exterminator 2. Find out in the latest episode of The War Room!

If I can put in my two cents, I’ve always been more fonder of the second one with a great villainous performance from a young Mario Van Peebles. In terms of action however, nothing beats the opening of the original in Vietnam which threw one of the greatest ever explosions of all time and one of the gruesomest decapitations ever put on film.

Eoin and J-Man also discuss other truly significant beheadings on film as well! Enjoy!

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