RUMBLE THROUGH THE DARK: Aaron Eckhart & Bella Thorne Headline “Dark” Bare Knuckles Thriller

By: John M Jerva

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of a new project featuring actor Aaron Eckhart and now he’s back with a new and dark bare knuckles fight thriller titled Rumble Through the Dark. Eckhart has been the President, a cop and a Marine who saves the world from an alien invasion so now it’s time to see him get down and dirty as an underground fighter in the upcoming indie thriller.

Per Variety: “Rumble Through the Dark” is set in the dark landscape of the Mississippi Delta where a bare knuckle cage fighter (Eckhart) seeks to repay his debts to a local mob boss in a final desperate attempt to salvage his family home. Thorne plays a carnival hustler who stumbles upon a murder that ultimately leads to a dark family connection.

Bella Thorne (L), Aaron Eckhart (R)

Bella Thorne (Masquerade) has joined Eckhart in the new film which is being helmed by Graham Phillips and Parker Phillips with Michael Farris Smith adapting the screenplay from his own novel titled The Fighter.

“Bella is a fearless artist,” the directors said in a statement. “Watching the chemistry between her and Aaron Eckhart develop throughout the story has been one of the film’s greatest triumphs.”

The film has since wrapped principle photography in the Mississippi and Delta region. Filming was halted for some time while Hurricane Ida made her presence known in that area but the movie is now entering post production with Foresight Unlimited overseeing sales of the movie.

Source: Variety

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