F10 Set for April, 2023 Release!

By: John M Jerva

If you are a die hard fan that needs another Fast and Furious fix after the last entry that hit this June will be thankful to know that the tenth installment has a release date set for April 7th of 2023.

The report comes from Deadline which also states the even with a resurgence in the current pandemic, F9 has still accumulated a whopping $70 million back in June on opening weekend and has grossed $681.5 million to date worldwide.

Vin Diesel is expected to announce the title sometime in the future on social media so hold your breath until then. The series is expected to end with number eleven but never say never and spin-offs are also on the horizon.

They went to space literally in the last one so don’t be surprised if the time travel rumors come to fruition. I firmly expect them to throw everything including the kitchen sink at us for these last installments. Let’s throw in dinosaurs while we’re at it.

If you want to hear out take on F9 snd the franchise, check out a recent edition of The Action Elite War Room Live with myself and Eoin Friel down below as we chat up the film and the fun that we have with it.

Source: Deadline

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