THE LAST MERCENARY: The English Language Trailer Drops for Van Damme’s High-Octane Action-Comedy!

By: John M Jerva

This week saw the anticipated release of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s big Netflix debut as the trailer for his righteous looking action-comedy The Last Mercenary delivered fans first look footage. The film, which was shot in French, will debut in July and from the looks of it, Van Damme is back and looking stellar in the film’s action sequences.

Now we have the English dubbed trailer for the movie which will also be available along with the original French soundtrack and most importantly, Van Damme dubbed his own voice for the film making it look authentic. Check it out below!

A mysterious former secret service agent must urgently return to France when his estranged son is falsely accused of arms and drug trafficking by the government, following a blunder by an overzealous bureaucrat and a mafia operation.

Helmed by David Charhon, from a script penned by Charhon and Ismael Sy Savané, The Last Mercenary stars Van Damme, Alban Ivanov, Assa Sylla, Samir Decazza, Patrick Timsit, Eric Judor, and Miou-Miou. Jean-Charles Levy, Nicolas Manuel, Olivier Albou, Laurence Schonberg, David Charhon, Jakéma Charhon, Eponine Maillet, Olias Barco, and Vlad Riashyn produced the film.

From the above trailer, fans really definitely take notice that JCVD is doing all his patented kicks, splits and action and he’s looking in fine form. Hell, the Muscles From Brussels is even breaking out some sweet Kickboxer throwback dance moves to boot! I personally love JC doing a split on the ceiling. It’s almost like it’s the 90’s once again. 

The Last Mercenary kicks it’s way onto Netflix on July 30th so mark your calendars accordingly!

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