SHARK: THE BEGINNING- It’s Time to Fight Back in the New S. Korean Martial Arts Actioner!

By: John M Jerva

In the realm of martial arts action cinema and action cinema in general, Korea has really been bringing their A game as of late with a variety of pulse pounding flicks that deliver high-octane fisticuffs and firepower to the masses. Asian action has always been a staple in the genre and now we have yet another entry to quench audience’s thirst for more.

With that I give you a new trailer for the MMA/Martial Arts actioner Shark: The Beginning which centers on a high-schooler who has one serious bullying problem. Not being one to back down from a fight, he stands up for himself and with that, the fists and feet fly in crowd pleasing fashion. Check out the trailer, key art and synopsis for the flick which hits Korea this June!

Cha Woo-Sol ( Kim Min-Suk) was bullied by Bae Seok-Chan (Jung Won-Chang) during his middle school days. He finally felt a sense of relief when he enrolled at a different high school from Bae Seok-Chan, but Bae Seok-Chan transfers to the same high school that Cha Woo-Sol attends. Cha Woo-Sol is unable to take the bullying anymore and he attacks Bae Seok-Chan with a knife. Afterwards, Cha Woo-Sol is sentenced to 3 years in juvenile prison for the attack. Meanwhile, Bae Seok-Chan has to give up boxing because of his injuries from the knife attack. He wants to get revenge and waits for Cha Woo-Sol’s release from juvenile prison.

At the juvenile prison, Cha Woo-Sol meets Jung Do-Hyun (Wi Ha-Joon), who is a former MMA champion. He is in prison for killing three people who killed his family. To survive in prison and whenever he meets Bae Seok-Chan again, Cha Woo-Sol asks Jung Do-Hyun to teach him how to fight.

Helmed by  Chae Yeo-Jun, the film stars Kim Min-Suk as Cha Woo-Sol, Wi Ha-Joon as Jung Do-Hyun and Jung Won-Chang as Bae Seok-Chan.

Based on a webcomic also named Shark which ran from  September 23, 2016 to May 8, 2021 via Kakao, the movie is set to hit its native South Korea starting on June 27th via the TVING video platform. If we get any international release info, we’ll certainly pass it along but in the meantime, Check out the bone breaking goods in the official trailer below courtesy of the fine folks over at Far East Films!


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