THE SURVIVALIST: John Malkovich Stars in the Pandemic Themed Action-Thriller! First Look Image!

By: John M Jerva

In the realms of action cinema, legendary actor John Malkovich has been featured in some pretty bad ass flicks with probably his turn as Cyrus “The Virus” in Con Air bring his most memorable. He’s also starred in action films where he might not have been involved in the direct action but he still made an impact like Mile 22. Malkovich is best known for his more weightier roles but he’s definitely graced the halls of action and it looks like he’s still going strong in his older years.

Now Malkovich is getting his hands dirty, literally, as he’s starring in a new thriller titled The Survivalist. It’s a pandemic themed thriller interestingly enough which has the world on the brink. The film also stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and was recently picked up for distribution from Quiver Distribution. There is no release date as of yet but there is a firs look image of Malkovich and cast below!

Courtesy of Quiver Distribution

Official Synopsis: The Survivalist takes place after a viral pandemic decimates the world. It follows a survivalist that is forced to take on a group of heavily armed fanatics who believe he is harboring the woman key to curing the virus and repopulating the world.

Helmed by Jon Keeyes from a script penned by Matthew Rogers, the film will probably see a release this year.

The above image has picked my interest and I’m always curious how Hollywood will attack virus movies in the future after the pandemic. I’m sure we’ll get more serious fair to go along with the post apocalyptic actioners and this one looks to fall in the latter category.

The one person who can save the world plot line has been done to death but this one with Malkovich at the helm might make it stand out.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more on The Survivalist as we are your destination for everything action!


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