Exclusive: The Vampire Hunter is Here! A Conversation with Actor and Martial Artist Dan Cade of SyFy’s Hit Series VAN HELSING!

By: John M Jerva

Actor and martial arts expert Dan Cade is back and this time he’s taking on an army of vampires in the final season of SyFy’s Van Helsing which is

A reimagining of the classic Dracula story, the world is dominated by vampires, requiring humans to work together to survive. The series centers on Vanessa Helsing, daughter of famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who wakes up after a five-year coma to discover a vampire-controlled world. She soon learns that she possesses a unique blood composition that makes her immune to vampires and able to turn the creatures into humans. That power puts humanity’s last hope to return the world to how it once was before the vampires took over in Vanessa’s hands.

Cade has appeared in numerous action films and television shows like The Hard Way with Michael Jai White and Luke Goss as well as the hit series Knightfall.

In his third interview with Action-Flix, Cade talks about his newest exciting project appearing on the final season of SyFy’s Van Helsing as a fierce vampire hunter well as training, working during the pandemic and much, much more!

1) We last talked for the action movie The Hard Way, what have you been up to and how was the last year for you with all the challenges.

Since, The Hard Way, I’ve been working on various TV projects. I worked on a new Netflix series called Terra Vision, which we shot in Budapest. I also have just finished a series for Amazon Prime, which I cannot say too much about yet. We shot this in the height of the pandemic, it was a pretty stressful shoot. What I’m most excited about is Van Helsing, which I shot in Europe and that’s just being released on SYFY in the US and then Netflix. I’ve got a couple of projects lined up, one series in Iceland and the other in Morocco, but with all the travel restrictions, I’m just waiting for the go ahead on these.

2) Are you still training heavily? What updates can you give us on that front.

I’m still training and staying in shape and keeping up all the skills. Since all the gymnastic centers are still closed, I’ve moved this training elsewhere, looking forward to getting back to it.

3) You recently joined the series Van Helsing for its final season on SyFy. How did that opportunity come about?

I had a friend who worked for the casting office in Vancouver, she really helped me out with this. She knew I was in Europe and showed the casting director my reels, and then it went from there, since they shot a portion of this show in Europe, it made sense for me to get involved.

4) Did you see the show before joining it and what can you tell the fans about it for those that might not know.

When I got the role, I started to watch the show and do some research on the tone of the series and get my head around the story. It’s a modern day vampire hunter series, where the lead character is played by Kelly Overton (Vanessa Van Helsing). It has lots of action, fantasy, and drama all in one, so it’s a pretty exciting series.

5) You play the character named Roberto who is a vampire Hunter on the show. Tell us about him. What did you do to prepare for the role?

Roberto is a vampire hunter. I play one of the main heroes in the first 3 episodes, where the story travels back in time where the vampire origins began. Roberto is an intense character with vampire hunter skills, precision and focus, so it was a great role to portray. I prepared by watching the rest of the series to get an idea of the pacing of the characters and the relationships of the characters. I have a strong relationship with the character of Bathroy who was in Season 4, so I prepared by getting an idea of her character as well.

6) In terms of action and stunts, what can we expect from you on the show?

There is a lot of running up mountains, sword fighting and horse riding. Not too much martial arts, but I tried to throw a little in there, though they wanted the fights to be more medieval, rather than the cool martial arts tricks.

7) The final season premiered last week, are there any good anecdotes you have while filming was happening?

Well, I sprained my ankle on the last day, which was a fight between the vampire hunters and the vampires. I was supposed to throw in a few kicks, but couldn’t walk after catching my ankle between two cobbled stones whilst jumping, so I had to be static and sword fight using mostly my upper body. There were some fun moments. Mostly we were outside at night in Slovakia in the winter, which was freezing..

8) How has a film or TV production set changed since the pandemic? What have you had to adapt to?

There is covid testing three times per week, and you have to keep a mask on the whole time apart from when you shoot the scene. It has made the whole process much more difficult. Also the travel restrictions are a nightmare as well. Doing a rehearsal with dialogue in an American accent with a mask on is not easy, but I’m learning to get used to it. Looks like we are hopefully coming out of it soon, so filming can get back to how it was…

9) Are there any other future projects on the horizon that you can talk about?

There are. I’m just waiting to start on a Scandinavian crime drama, just sorting out the logistics currently. Also, I have Terra Vision coming out on Netflix and will be in a series for Amazon, which is pretty action driven. Also, Atlantic Crossing has just been released in the States on PBS, it’s getting quite a lot of traction.

10) Here’s something fun for a last question. In terms of on screen fighting, tell us who you would like to go up against that you haven’t in the past if you got the chance?

I’d like to go up against all of them if I could. All the action guys. I’m waiting for the moment, when I actually get a shot to showcase my martial arts skills. I wanted to do this when I was younger, but then I heard so many people in the business say to me, you need to be an actor first and get established before moving into the action. I’ve mainly been doing straight acting roles, in some of them there is some action, but each time I think I may get a shot to throw some martial arts in, it hasn’t happened yet, so hopefully that comes..

A big thanks once again to Dan Cade for taking the time to chat. Catch him in the last season of Van Helsing airing every Friday on SyFy!

Van Helsing Season 5 Trailer

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