Jake Gyllenhaal Enlists for COMBAT CONTROL from EXTRACTION Helmer Sam Hargrave!

By: John M Jerva

Some cool news coming out from last week is that Jake Gyllenhaal, who will be starring in Netflix’s upcoming video game adaptation The Division, will also headline a new action project titled Combat Control. The info comes courtesy of Deadline and states that the film is based on real life events and Jake will star as real life Medal of Honer recipient John Chapman who died in combat in Afghanistan.

Per Deadline: Combat Control will be based on the true story of Air Force CCT Chapman, who died in battle on March 4, 2002 in Afghanistan. Following his death, no one imagined it would take over a decade for the truth of what really happened on that snowy mountainside to emerge. Fifteen years later, Air Force Captain Cora Alexander is tasked with the nearly impossible job of investigating whether Chapman is a worthy recipient of the medal, despite no eyewitnesses to his actions and the top-secret world surrounding clandestine operations. Alexander has to uncover the truth, and in revealing Chapman’s sacrifice to the world, she forges her own path to self-forgiveness and personal redemption.

The search is on for the actress that will play Alexander and MGM is currently the leader in winning the rights for the movie.

Hargrave, who has been a successful stunt pro for years most noticeably in the MCU, made an outstanding directorial debut with last year’s Actioner Extraction which starred Chris Hemsworth. The movie was one of the best action flicks of 2020 and sequels and or prequels are in the works at Netflix.

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Source: Deadline- https://deadline.com/2021/03/mgm-combat-control-jake-gyllenhaal-medal-of-valor-winner-tktkt-and-extractions-sam-hargrave-1234718092/?fbclid=IwAR1tS58LeI7HPm6vHJ8xhmO7s0kvShGafmp_qFgUxCQl3aeyeQ3cVcnhVO0

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