ACÉRÉ: Jean-Paul Ly and Laurent Plancel are Sharpened to Kill in the New Brutal and Unforgiving Action Short!

By: John M Jerva

Fans of rising martial arts action star Jean-Paul Ly won’t have to wait until March 2nd and the release of 400 Bullets to see him in action as a new action short called ACÉRÉ has hit the net by fierce and bloody force. The action short is helmed by Ross Peacok who is the creator of the YouTube channel Rossatron. The short was also produced by Leopold Hughes who co-producer of “Knives Out” and Associate Producer of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” so there is some heavy hitters behind the scenes of this one.

From director Ross Peacock, creator of the leading-action film analysis YouTube channel Rossatron, and produced by Leopold Hughes, co-producer of Knives Out and Associate Producer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, comes this bloody martial arts action experience executed to a level rarely seen in independent cinema. This no-holds-barred short film brings together diverse talent from France, Britain and Hollywood mixed with classic Hong Kong-style action.

The film stars stuntmen-turned-actors, Jean-Paul Ly and Laurent Plancel. Known for their work on such high profile films as the upcoming The Batman, Jurassic World: Dominion and Fast & Furious 9, they have also featured in Nightshooters, and Cambodia’s biggest ever action film, Jailbreak.

Following a man on the run (Jean-Paul Ly) hiding from a gang of trained killers, he comes to increasingly-bloody blows against the Terminator-like antagonist (Laurent Plancel). We follow this desperate fight to the death, witnessing the carnage they wreak upon each other, toward a bloody climax that will leave viewers reeling.

The short film definitely delivers the brutality and insane fight action that these two stars are known for and the only drawback it that it’s not longer. It definitely makes use of the running time as it is loaded with insane fight action from start to finish.

The look of the short is very polished and it almost has a certain horror vibe to it only matched by the level of violent action on hand. Ly and Plancel work well off each other having been doing this for years and they are probably the most talented duo working in the genre today. It’s some of the most brutal fight sequences you’ll see lately so action fans should check this one out ASAP!

Check out the short film now in the link below!

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