Review: Mark Dacascos and Crew Deliver “Ultimate Justice” in an Action Fueled Adrenaline Rush! (Reprint)

(Original Publication Date: October 1st, 2017) By: John M Jerva


Starring: Mark Dacascos, Brandon Rhea, Matthias Hues, Mike Möller, Mike Leeder, Wolfgang Riehm, Martin Baden, Henry Muller, Mathis Landwehr and Yazmeen Baker

Directed By; Martin Christopher Bode


Synopsis: “When one of their own and his family are brutally attacked by ruthless criminals, a team of elite operatives reunite to track down those responsible and deliver ULTIMATE JUSTICE in a dangerous game of kill or be killed.”

Review: Ultimate Justice has been on my radar for quite some time and I was excited to say the least to see martial arts icon and action super star Mark Dacascos back in the game delivering lethal retribution to the bad guys like he has so many times in the past and with Ultimate Justice, I can definitely say that he is in top form. Dacascos plays Gus who is the leader of an elite team of operatives. The movie starts off with a bang when Gus and his elite team of soldiers execute a rescue mission but when something goes wrong and some of his team gets into trouble, Gus defies orders from his commanding officer Hans Sturm played by Wolfgang Riehm and goes back in to rescue them. He is able to do so but he loses good people in the process. Wanting out and to lead a normal life, Gus and Sturm sell their security agency and retire. But when Sturm, his wife Michaela and their daughter are brutally attacked by vicious criminals, Gus reunites his old team in order to track down those responsible and exterminate with extreme prejudice.


What makes Ultimate Justice a great independent action film is that even though we know it’s Dacascos’ film, it is still an ensemble piece at the same time with all the co-stars getting a chance to deliver the action. It was great to see 90’s veteran bad guy Matthias Hues play one of the good guys for a change and he is a dominant screen presence anytime he is on camera. He plays Frank Radowsky and when he hits somebody, you can feel it at home. Veteran martial artist and extreme ass kicker Mike Möller is sensational as Benny Scholz and even though he is the smallest of the bunch, he probably delivers the most explosive action on screen with his super charged hand to hand fight sequences. Mike Leeder (who is also one of the producers) delivers a few one line zingers along with the action and everyone else including Brandon Rhea, Henry Muller and Martin Baden get in on the fun. It was also great to see Mathis Landwehr, who is a personal favorite of mine from films like Death Train and The Challenge, kick some ass. He is only in the film for a short time but he makes an impact.


Another plus for the film is that this is the Expendables film that the real Expendables should have been. Even though I love Stallone’s films you never get a sense of dread because nothing happens to any of them. Not the case here. No one is safe in Ultimate justice and the viewer finds that out early on when Gus loses a part of his team right away. No one is safe in this film and although this is a spoiler free review, let me just say that not everyone makes it. As the film progresses, lives are lost making sure that you know there is a heavy price that comes with vengeance. 


The action in Ultimate Justice is almost non-stop. From a spectacular firefight at the beginning to the many hand to hand combat scenes, you will never be bored. It’s great to see Dacascos kick the crap out of people again. The man is ageless and moves just as good as he ever did. I have been a huge fan of his from the get go and he has many years left in the tank to deliver action to the masses. He might not fight as much as he has in the past in this film but he still gets to showcase ahis talents.

Mike Möller probably gets the best scenes in the film because the man is a human tornado. When he is involved in a fight scene, you know you’re in for something special. When he moves, your jaw just drops to the floor with each unbelievable aerial assault that he delivers. The man is a human highlight reel plain and simple. I was thinking that the movie was going to be more of a shoot ’em up but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was filled with brutal close quarters carnage. 

Image result for mike moller ultimate justice

The plot is your usual revenge driven action flick but there is a great twist to the movie. The whole movie leads you to think something else and then it totally turns the tables on you. When you find out what the true motives of the person responsible are, you will certainly be surprised. At least I know I was. Even if you see it coming, it is sure a fun ride to get there.

To sum it all up, Ultimate Justice is a decent film that will remind you of the slam bang action flicks of the nineties. In this age of computer generated super heroes, Ultimate Justice is a real movie with real stunts and action and our heroes bleed and die just like the rest of us. They are not indestructible and with their actions comes a great price to pay. If you’re a fan of Mark Dacascos, and you should be, then this is a must watch to see the legend kick ass on screen once again. If you want ULTIMATE action, then you need to watch Ultimate Justice!

Rating: 3 out of 5.


ULTIMATE JUSTICE is now available on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment! Order your copy now from WALMART or AMAZON!

Watch the official trailer below!

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