NIGHT HAS FALLEN: The Fourth Upcoming Entry in the Mike Banning Saga Gets a Title!

By: John M Jerva

First of all, I want to give mad props to my brother in action website arms Eoin Friel from The Action Elite for finding this and for now we’ll just say it’s tentative but it looks like the fourth entry in the Has Fallen franchise has its title and I like it. According to the site The Film Catalogue, the new adventure for Gerard Butler’s Mike Banning will be…drum roll please…

Night Has Fallen…

I say tentative because the fourth entry is still in development so that can change but if it stays I have to say I like it. I love how with each installment, we get a clever title change while still keeping the Has Fallen part to it.

This comes as no surprise that after the continued success with Angel Has Fallen, a fourth entry was green lit by Lionsgate last year. There also had been talk of spin-offs and TV series but we all know how that goes.

There, of course, are no other details to be found but hopefully we will get some more news sooner rather than later and I am eagerly awaiting the return of Mike Banning as I’ve said multiple times in the past that he is this generation’s John McClane. If we’re not going up get another Die Hard then keep these movies coming as Butler is the perfect throwback action hero that we need right. He’s straight out of the 90’s and he swears, always says what’s on his mind and shoots first and asks questions later.

Check out the post from the website below and you can see for yourself that the titles is there…at least for the time being so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come as we are your destination for everything action and Mike Banning!

In the meantime, why don’t we watch Mr. Banning do what he does best in the player below! It’s the one take action set piece from London has Fallen which is one of my favorites from the series!

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