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Michael Jai White’s High-Octane WELCOME TO SUDDEN DEATH Hits Blu-Ray/DVD & Netflix with a Vengeance this Week!

By: John M Jerva

Yesterday saw the official release of action and martial arts film star Michael Jai White’s newest action-thriller Welcome to Sudden Death which is a sequel/remake to JCVD’s original 90’s action film Sudden Death. White stars in this newest version as a former special forces operative/demolitions expert who gets a job as security at a high tech sports arena and just use his particular set of skills once again when mercenaries invade the complex setting the clock in motion.

The film has been released on Netflix as well as Blu-Ray and DVD and this time around, there is humor to go along with the fisticuffs and firepower. Directed by Dallas Jackson, other cast members include White’s real life wife Gillian along with Gary Owen (Ride Along), Marrese Crump (The Protector 2) and Kristen Harris (Channel Zero).

Jesse Freeman (Michael Jai White, Black Dynamite) is a former special forces officer and explosives expert now working a regular job as a security guard in a state-of-the-art basketball arena. Trouble erupts when a tech-savvy cadre of terrorists kidnap the team’s owner and Jesse’s daughter during opening night. Facing a ticking clock and impossible odds, it’s up to Jesse to not only save them, but also a full house of fans in this high-charged action thriller.

While filming commenced last year, Dallas Jackson stated: “I’m such a huge fan of martial-arts films I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reboot this cult classic with Universal 1440,” says Jackson. “Michael Jai White and Gary Owen are both at the top of their game right now and an on-screen dream team. We’re having a blast making this movie and putting a twist on the buddy-action genre. I can’t wait for the world to see what we’re cooking!”

Lookout for my take on the film later this week as I will most definitely serve up a review for the film and hopefully, it will stand up to White’s other Netflix offering The Hard Way which also stars Luke Goss. I hear good things about it and even hear White has a pretty decent sized fight with Maresse Crump. I’ll let some humor fly in my movies if the action is good enough and it looks like from what I saw, White is in great form once again.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more and check out the trailer once again below!

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