MY LUCKY STARS: Action Star Scott Adkins Hosts a Live Screening this Friday of Sammo Hung & Jackie Chan’s Classic Martial Arts Flick!

By: John M Jerva

No one can say that action star Scott Adkins hadn’t been keeping busy this summer ever since production halted on his latest action film Castle Falls which also stars Dolph Lundgren who also directs. The film like many has been put on hold due to the current state of things but Adkins has been entertaining the masses with kicking tutorials and his awesome podcast The Art of Action which has him interviewing a host of action talent in the industry.

This Friday will see Adkins host a special online screening complete with commentary of the classic Sammo Hing/Jackie Chan actioner My Lucky Stars. The event is being brought to you by 36 Cinema in association with the Made in Hong Kong Film Festival. The event will be an interactive Q&A as well as fans will get to ask Adkins questions during the live stream.

The event will kick off this Friday, August 28th at 9:15 ET and tickets are on sale now at the official 36 Cinema website.

My Lucky Stars which is loosely related to Winners and Sinners features Hung, Chan and Yuen Biao in s take of a Hong King cop who who looks to bring down a ruthless crime syndicate and rescue his partner with the help of his longtime friends from an orphanage. The film boasts amazing fight sequences and stunts that the trio of stars were known for back in the day and is x fan favorite classic.

This is a once in a lifetime event so get your tickets now!

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