SEARCH AND DESTROY: An Ex-Ranger Settles an Old Score in the New Spec Ops Action-Thriller Hitting DVD in October! (Update: Official DVD Cover Art Revealed!)

By: John M Jerva

UPDATE: Just last night, I shared the news about Search and Destroy which looks like a hell of a lot of 90’s action throwback fun and now we have the official DVD cover art below!

The film is also available for pre-order at with a street date of October 6th!

(Original Post) For all of you action fans who remember PM Entertainment and Nu Image who literally cornered the market on indie action cinema back in the 90’s, we have a new film for ya that looks exactly like the kind of action film they would have put out back in the day. The film is awesomely titled Search and Destroy and it stars Dylan Bruce who plays ex-Ranger John Cutter who gets a second shot at redemption when he is sent on a kill mission to exterminate a ruthless arms dealer who slipped through his fingers on his last mission.

The film is set to hit DVD in October courtesy of Quiver Distribution and we have a neat international poster and promotional trailer to tide you over until we get an official US one sheet. Check out the bullets, explosions, stunts and 90’s homage action goodness below!

When American Ranger John Cutter fails to save a family being held hostage and loses his entire team in a battle with infamous Ukrainian Arms Dealer Igor Rodin, John is discharged from the army. Three years later he is approached by his old General to go on a private contract mission when Igor resurfaces.

The film was helmed by the late, great Danny Lerner who died in 2015 and was responsible for a lot of Nu Image Entertainment’s action titles back in the day such as Target of Opportunity and the Operation Delta Force series and his last feature film is a spec ops thriller that is locked and loaded with spectacular stunts and practical special effects for those fans who are longing for the old days before CGI took over. I, for one, am excited to see this film as I couldn’t get enough of these types of action flicks when they hit video store shelves during the heyday of VHS action. The film was made a while back and did see a foreign release but is now finally making its way here.

The film also stars Sergey Badyuk, Julian Kostov and Tim Fellingham and it will hit DVD shelves on October 6th. Check out the trailer below and get ready to get retro with the action!

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