The Action Fix: Happy Birthday Donnie Yen!

By: John M Jerva

Well this is a pretty cool one-two birthday punch as yesterday we celebrated Jason statham’s birthday and today it is the legendary Donnie Yen’s day of birth as well. Yen is an icon in the martial arts and action community and just like wine, he only gets better with age. Today marks Donnie’s 57th birthday which is pretty hard to believe because the man looks fantastic and is moving better than ever.

Donnie Yen in Yi ge ren de wu lin (2014)

Just like Statham, I have a special Action Fix lined up in honor of Mr. Yen and I am posting a few of my favorite fight scenes from some of his greatest films. Yen is a true talent in the industry and he is still going strong with appearances in Disney’s live action Mulan hopefully coming out soon as it has been delayed by the pandemic and he also has the Hong Kiong police thriller Raging Fire in the pipeline as well.

Dou foh sin (2007)

First up, I am sharing the fantastic MMA infused battle royale between Donnie and Colin Chou from 2007’s Flash Point. This scene is a classic of brutal hand to hand carnage with Yen and Chou basically fighting through an MMA drenched marathon complete with throws, locks, flying kicks and devastating hand techniques. This film is one of my favorites and I revisit this scene and the movie on occasion. Check it out below!

Next up, this fight scene from 2014’s Kung Fu Jungle is a true testament to how talented Donnie is and I like it because it relies heavily once again on MMA techniques and actually has almost no kicks in it. Yen takes on Wang Baoqiang in the grand finale and the two face off on a busy street no less a strucks and cars zoom by!

Now lets complete the hat trick by saving what I think is the best for last as you can’t celebrate Donnie’s birthday without showing his instant classic fight scene with action star Scott Adkins from last year’s epic masterpiece Ip Man 4: The Finale. Fans had wanted to see Yen and Adkins square off for years now and we finally got our wish and it sure did not disappoint. The fight is a true masterclass by two of the greatest in the action genre and it’s proof positive that good things come to those who wait. If you haven’t seen the film yet then get on it and if you have then watch the fight of the century for the 100th time below!

Donnie is suppoosed to be gearing up to finally shoot the video game big scree adaptation Sleeping Dogs so hopefully Hollywood will start to get back into gear because we need some new Donnie Yen fights to hype us up. Happy Birthday Donnie!!!!

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