The Action Fix: Happy Birthday Jason Statham!

By: John M Jerva

Today is Sunday, July 26th and it is a very special day as 53 years ago on this very date, Jason Statham graced the world with his presence. Statham, as most of you who know me, is one of my top three action stars working in the industry today and I couldn’t let the day go by without celebrating his birthday with a special edition of The Action Fix.

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Statham has numerous credits to his filmography and while he has certainly done his share of action films, one would be hard pressed to find one specific action scene from the man to share with you all. That’s why today, I do not have one but I have two clips for you which showcases Statham doing what he does best…kicking th ever loving crap out of bad guys. Statham is one of the true last action heroes in cinema today for this generation and he only gets better with age.

First up, we have a great scene for you from the film Safe which had Statham starring as a former elite police operative who runs a gauntlet of crooked cops to avenge the death of his wife. The film was pretty non stop in its bloodletting and Statham had ample opportunity to demonstrate his talents in this one.

In this clip which takes place at the begining of the film, Statham breaks into action when he sees a young Asian girl in trouble from some very evil looking men. The fight takes place on the subway and it is vintage Statham as he decimates the competition.

Now I told you that I had two clips from the man of the hour and I wasn’t lying as the second scene comes from the movie Paker where Statham pretty much plays the same kind of character he did in Safe but this time he plays an expert thief who gets betrayed by his crew after pulling off a job.

The scene we have for you is one of the best sequences from the film where Statham takes on the one and only Daniel Bernhardt in one brutal beatdown in a hotel room. The fight is stripped down and gritty with both stars getting the chance to shine. Now, of course, Benhardt is the baddie so he comes up short here but he gets the chance to give Statham all he can handle before he goes down. Check it out below!

Oh what the hell! It’s Jason Statham’s birthday so lets make it a hat trick and give all of you one more action drenched sequence from the star. Without further ado, here’s Statham taking on the one and only Frank Grillo and his gang of bikers from Homefront!

Okay, twist my arm. Here’s the last fight scene for you and it features another British ass kicker in Scott Adkins. That’s right! It’s Christmas VS Hector from Expendables 2! Enjoy!

We all know that a new Expendables film is supposedly in development with Statham taking the lead from Stallone. The film is tentatively titled The Expendables: A Christmas Story and while we haven’t heard much on the project since it was announced back in January and times sure have changed, here’s hoping that it happens and if Stallone has to pass the torch to someone then it should be Lee Christmas who is Barney Ross’ right hand man.

At any rate, Statham may be in his 50’s but he still has a lot left in the tank and hopefully Hollywood will be up and running sooner rather than later so we all may partake in a new film from Mr. Statham.

Happy Birthday Jason!!!! Here’s to many more years of taking out the trash and doing it in style!

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