The Scott Adkins Approved Special Limited 4K Edition of AVENGEMENT is Coming!

By: John M Jerva

Scrolling through Facebook this morning on my break from work, I stumbled upon this awesome home release which is Scott Adkins Approved no less. It’s the official and ultimate edition of Avengement which was developed and released by the Action phenom himself and it comes locked and loaded with spectacular, never before seen special features and more for the serious and hardcore action film fan. Check out the full details below and gaze upon all that you will get when purchased!

Once again, this ultimate edition of what is definitely a signature and career defying role for Adkins was developed by the man himself. It’s called the Scott Adkins Special Edition just in case you aren’t sold yet.

This exclusive edition includes:

• An over 39 cm high, very detailed and cool “Cain Burgess” bust exactly like in the movie.
• UNCUT version of “Avengement” worldwide for the first time as UHD – mastered by a 4K master (BD & DVD are also included)
• Exclusive bonus material
• An exclusive movie t-shirt
• An exclusive mediabook written in English and German, with lots of background information and exclusive images

Here’s all the info below that you need to know in order to snag your own copy. I’m getting it for Cain Burgess bust alone!

The limitation for this exclusive edition has not yet been determined, this will only be determined on the basis of the pre-orders.

A pre-order can be made at 23.07.2020 on 2:00 pm at in the adult area. Please notice, you have to create an account and sign in for the adult area.

This unique, exclusive Avengement Edition costs € 159 + shipping (we ship international).

All further information about this cool edition can be found in the Namless Media Shop.

If you have any questions, please contact Nameless Media directly via Email to (subject: Avengement Bust Edition)

Fans overseas get all the good home releases but if you have a region free player, then you’re in luck as they will definitely ship internationally.

Avengement was truly a special film and it definitely brought Adkins to a wider audience. The movie was locked and loaded with the awesome and brutal action that Adkins and Director Jesse V. Johnson are known for but there was so much more to it. Adkins really delivered in his performance and it is certainly an instant, underground action classic.

Check out my Action-Flix Approved review of the film in case you need further convincing!

Avengement is Essential Viewing for any Hardcore Action Fan-

Hit up the official Nameless Media Filmshop and pre-order your copy today! This is a must have for any serious collector!

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