By: John M Jerva

If the first two trailers for the one take action sequence film Crazy Samurai Musashi didn’t peek your interest as Re:Born’s Tak Sakaguchi literally carves his way through an army then what is wrong with you?! Seriously through, if you’re not convinced as of yet, allow me to introduce another trailer to wet your collective appetite below!

Not much has been known about the project except for the fact that Tak is in it and that he was playing one bad ass Samurai. Also the film contains one long continuous one take fight sequence that lasts over 70 minutes. The film was helmed by Shimomura Yuji who is best known for directing the action sequences in Kingdom as well as Tak’s other films Death Trance and Re:Born.

Domestic Japanese Poster

The film is slated for an August 21st release date in Japan and the film will hit this year’s virtual Fantasia Fest as well per Slash Film which will be the North American intro for the pic which is highly anticipated. Check out the official festival website for more details on the link below!


Martial artist Tak Sakaguchi (VERSUS, WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL, YAKUZA WEAPON) is back in the spotlight with CRAZY SAMURAI MUSASHI – a long-in-the-making, unique take on swordsman Musashi Miyamoto’s most fabled battle, shot here as a single 77-minute action sequence by director Yûji Shimomura (DEATH TRANCE, RE:BORN). It’s Tak, 588 foes, and no room for error! Canadian Premiere.

Until we hear of a proper release date here in the U.S., check out Tak in Re:Born which just hit Blu-Ray and Digital today courtesy of Shudder which will curb your impatience for the new film and check out the latest and insane trailer for Crazy Samurai Musashi below! You’re welcome….

Source: Fantasia Fest-

Slash Film-

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