Charlize Theron Talks ATOMIC BLONDE & THE OLD GUARD Sequel Possibilities! (Update: The Director Teases Possible Sequel Storyline!)

By: John M Jerva

UPDATE: Director Gina Prince-Bythewood has teased potential sequel storylines as the first film has soared in ratings for Netflix. There are spoilers ahead so proceed with caution if you haven’t seen the film.

As we know, Furie’s Veronica NGO was featured in a small role to which many complained that she was not utilized. While this is true, the ending features a stinger scene with Ngo and we know that the actress will be featured heavily in the follow up.

In an interview, Bythewood stated: “Part 2 will stick to the original novel. According to what author Greg (Rucka) wrote, Quynh’s rise will cause many problems. Besides, there are side stories that bring trouble around the world, a villain is not immortal, so it’s a really great balance between the two sides.”

This bodes well for the young franchise and setting up an epic showdown between Theron’s Andy and Ngo’s Quynh will certainly make fans happy.

(Original Post) Netflix’s newest hit action movie The Old Guard premiered last Friday to mixed reviews but for the most part, reaction has been pretty positive. I enjoyed the film and was well satisfied with the action set pieces in it and while the ending is left open, it is clear that Netflix is hoping for another franchise on their hands.

Theron, who headlines the film, spoke recently and gave an update to a possible sequel as well as Atomic Blonde which there have been sequel talk for a while now. According to Theron, it looks like the latter will also be hitting Netflix as well.

In an interview, courtesy of Games Radar, Theron started off chatting about The Old Guard before turning the conversation on Atomic Blonde.

“We went into this talking about [a sequel] as a possibility, and it’s definitely something that excites us.”

Theron then segued into Atomic Blonde. “We took [ATOMIC BLONDE 2] to them [Netflix] and Scott Stuber [Head of Original Films at Netflix] was really interested in it. We talked to him about it extensively, and we’re in the process of writing it right now. That character was set up in a way where she didn’t really reveal much of herself. So I feel like there’s a lot of potential there. The bar’s pretty high, but we’re excited about it.”

Both films have pretty much cemented Theron as the prime female go to action lead in movies and with both probably receiving follow ups, it’s a safe bet she’ll be on top of the mountain for a long time.

Netflix has really been stepping up in the action genre and they have been a beacon of hope in these uncertain times.

For my full review of The Old Guard, click the link to gear my thoughts.

Source: Games Radar-

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