By: John M Jerva

It’s been a long while since we heard anything on the video game adaptation Sleeping Dogs which is supposed to feature international action Star Donnie Yen in the lead time but it now looks like things are starting to gear up as Yen posted a video on his official Instagram page where he is beginning to warm up for the film. Check it out below!

In the post, Yen stated “I am excited to start preparing for the next challenge and aiming to make another breakthrough movie!” The post was hashtaged with Sleeping Dogs and video games so it looks like filming is bound to commence soon.

Based on the popular video game, Yen is set to star as Wei Shen who is an undercover cop tasked with bringing down a powerful Triad gang in Hong Kong. The full synopsis courtesy of IMDb reads: Sleeping Dogs is set in a contemporary Hong Kong, which is split into four districts named after regions of the city. The game reveals the story of Wei Shen , a former San Francisco police officer who was transferred to the Hong Kong Police Force and assigned the task to infiltrate and destroy a Triad organization known as the Sun On Yee .The main storyline features two sub-plots: Shen’s balance between completing his police mission whilst committing crimes to prove himself to the Triads, and missions assigned by a Triad lieutenant, including assassination of Triad members loyal to other lieutenants. Shen’s mission is coordinated by Police Superintendent Thomas Pendrew , and progress made by Shen is reported to his handler, Raymond Mak. Shen infiltrates the Sun On Yee via his childhood friend Jackie Ma , a low-level Triad member; and his loyalty is tested by the Triad boss “Red Pole” Winston Chu . Other characters in the game include the head of the Sun On Yee, David Wai-Lin “Uncle” Po , Shen’s love interest Amanda Cartwright , Winston’s right-hand man, Conroy Wu , singer Vivienne Lu , and Shen’s girlfriend Not Ping .

The film is penned by Jacob Oliver Krarup based on the bestselling video game of the same name. The film has been in development for years now so hopefully with Yen’s video, more news will begin to pour in soon. Expect Yen’s trademark action and martial arts expertise to be on full display here and he has never looked better.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to drop!

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