THE CONTINENTAL: Chad Stahelski Delivers More 411 on the Upcoming JOHN WICK Spin-Off Series!

By: John M Jerva

Not much has been revealed about the John Wick spin-off series titled The Continental since it was first announced. It’s been over a year since we last heard anything about the show which will hit Starz and broaden the universe of assassins that fill that world.

John Wick Helmer Chad Stahelski will serve as an executive producer on the series and he recently spoke about it while doing an interview with Fandom saying that the show will feature a different take then what we are used to which will give fans a broader scope of the world that Baba Yaga lives in.

“The angle they’re working on The Continental TV show right now is a different perspective on the whole world, it’s coming at it from different characters’ points of view and what the breadth of the world is,” Stahelski was quoted as saying. “Whereas in John Wick I’m following a time period that’s almost just a week in the life of one man, [for] who everything spirals out of control, which our John Wick story. The angle that the other producers and writers on the TV show are coming from is a very different timeline structure and a very different perspective of character. About how deep the world goes, and not just assassins but everything that’s included. And a lot of the origin stories are some of the characters you see in Wick. So It’s got some very interesting things, it’s a very interesting take on the Wick world, which I think it pretty cool. But it won’t be from the John Wick perspective. Not that John Wick won’t be involved with it, it’s just not from his perspective.”

Check out the interview with Stahelski in the Tweet below!

Now one thing to take from that statement is that he mentions Wick and even though the series is not centered on him he does say that he will be included but it just won’t be from his perspective.

It was teased at the time that franchise star Keanu Reeves might make appearances on the series and while that is unconfirmed, it does lead one to believe that he might just show up. Anyway you slice it, having a series that will introduce all new characters is exactly the shot of adrenaline that is needed to keep the universe fresh and exciting for viewers.

Chris Collins (Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, and The Man in the High Castle) will serve as show runner and also write the series while other executive producers will feature top tier people including Thunder Road Pictures’ Basil Iwanyk (the John Wick film franchise, The Town, Sicario), Chad Stahelski (John Wick co-director and John Wick: Chapter 2 and 3 director), John Wick franchise screenwriter Derek Kolstad, as well as Collins, David Leitch (John Wick co-director, Deadpool 2) and Keanu Reeves himself. So no worries, the series is in quite capable hands.

The Continental will focus on the buildings of sanctuary that offer assassins refuge and safety while including the ultra fierce action like the movies along with dark comedic tones to go along with it. No stars have been attached to the project as of yet.

Hopefully more details will drop soon and we can finally have a date to expect this newest chapter of the high-octane world of John Wick. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come as we are your source for everything action!!!

Source: Fandom-

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