By: John M Jerva

Today is May 9th and even though I’m technically on vacation, I just had to do a special Action Fix to help celebrate action Star Gary Daniels’ birthday. One of my favorite action stars of all time, I’ve seen them all from the British Ass Kicker so today I’ve selected a special video to help celebrate this glorious day.

The video I’ve selected is from one of my favorites from the 90’s which is the 1996 PM Entertainment gem Riot which sees Gary starring as SAS operative Major Shane Alcott who must brave a full fledged riot in the streets to rescue his old girlfriend from the clutches of some very bad dudes.

Of course, Alcott discovers even more serious circumstances afoot as it turns out that some IRA baddies from Alcott’s past want vengeance. To make things even better for action fans, the goon squad is led by none other than 90’s action staple bad guy Patrick Kilpatrick who sports one serious Irish accent. It also starred boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard who gets to have one epic bar fight with Daniels at the beginning. The 90’s were a spectacular time for action indeed.

The film is loaded with incredible fight choreography from the get go and Daniels hits it out of the park with this entry as he single handedly takes out an army with his lethal combat skills. He kicks, he punches, he shoots and he even knocks an assailant off a motorcycle with a devastating spinning kick which is one of my favorite moments from the film.

The video below comes from satanclause on YouTube who has put together a kill counter video of all of Gary’s takedowns from the film. The video runs over four minutes long proving that Mr. Daniels definitely gets some in this action drenched entry from PM who basically took over for Cannon Films in that decade.

I remember when the film first hit VHS at good ol BLOCKBUSTER and I immediately scooped it up on release day and proceeded to watch it every day. A true classic of 90’s action goodness. Daniels had a whopping 37 kills in the film and beat the piss out of even more in the film’s running time which is most impressive. The true definition of a 90’s one man action army.

Celebrate the day with me and lets all wish Gary Daniels a very Happy Birthday. He’s a legend and a trailblazer of epic proportions!


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