No Doubt In Us Season 2 Release
No Doubt In Us Season 2 Release

Chad Stahelski Serves Up Details on JOHN WICK CHAPTER 4! (Update: The Sequel is Delayed Until May 2022)

By: John M Jerva

UPDATE: We now have official confirmation that John Wick: Chapter 4 has been delayed until May 27th of 2022. This news isn’t surprising as Reeves will have to finish The Matrix 4 when things quiet down. He will then focus his attention on the fourth installment of the blockbuster action franchise.

Earlier today, I posted the awesome news that action maestros Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who brought us John Wick are currently revisiting The Matrix with the word that they are contributing to the film’s action sequences. The info came in an interview Stahelski gave to Collider and in that same chat, the action maestro also talked about the currently in-development John Wick: Chapter 4.

Stahelski spoke about the highly anticipated fourth film in the blockbuster series and mentioned how star Keanu Reeves came to him and said that he had more fuel in the tank for at least one more. The movie, which is now in development, had a release date set for May 21st of next year but we all know due to the current circumstances that will probably change.

In regards to Reeves, Stahelski stated: “We just kinda met each other when we were doing the [Parabellum] publicity tour and I think we were in Japan, and Keanu goes, ‘I think I got one more left in me,’ and we had one idea we didn’t use which we really loved and we have to cut it out of number three [Parabellum], just didn’t have the space for it. So we’re like, ‘Okay, we’ll do a fourth. That’s gonna be awesome. We’ll make a plan.’ The studios […] went, ‘We totally get what you’re trying to do.’ We submitted an idea or thematic [plan] and it was really big. So, we’re talking about doing a little bit more than a [John Wick 4], or something like that, and trying to develop that. We’ll see how that goes,”

What ideas that they have, we can only speculate but I’m sure it will be one wild concept as each film ups the action and drama from previous installments. Stahelski also gave an update at where they currently are with the fourth film and basically said that they are ironing out the script.

“We have, I wouldn’t call it a first draft but I’d call it a ‘scriptment’: A written-out story, part outline, part script, part thing. We know where we want to go, we know the thematics. We call it “the toy box.” It’s like a 100-and-something page document, but some of it’s written. It’s a good place to start. Then we start thinning it out, and then we work with the writers to get the right scenes, and then we start working with Keanu’s dialogue. It’s a very outward-in process for us. Then, we’ll do the inward-outward process which is about character. So, to answer your question, I’m in a happy place where we are in development. We got, not quite a locked-in first draft, but we’re in a place where we know what we want do and where we want to do it.”

Now, of course, Stahelski had to tease us about what they are thinking in terms of action for this one and he simply stated that what they are coming up with will blow everyone’s minds. He also mentioned that David Leitch, who is producing the fourth film, and himself will never forget about where they came from in the stunt community and how he lays awake at night wondering how he will top the last outing.

“I think Dave and I were both good at what we did as stuntmen and as choreographers. So, we don’t want to lose that. I want to be cool with the action. I want to be a better director, but that doesn’t mean I want to do less action or have less to do with the action. I guess the third one just felt like I needed a place to go after number two, and I had these ideas. It kind of became that wacky action movie. There’s been a couple days where I’ve decided to do number four and I’ve woken up in a cold sweat going, ‘Horses! How do I beat horses?!’ Like, I have no fuckin’ idea, to tell you the truth. […] I think I have a lot of really cool ideas for the next one that I think are different and shocking and fun and unique. How to do them, I have no fuckin’ idea right now. I’m still figuring it out.”

John Wick 4 was originally supposed to release the same day as The Matrix 4 which would have been one hell of a day to be an action fan but sadly that will probably not happen as both films will be delayed to a certain extent due to the pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill. It is great to hear that they are still busy at work and hopefully we will have more definitive answers for you all in the future. Staheslki did say that he cannot give an answer on a release date as The Matrix 4 was only 4 weeks into production when filming stopped so when things return to somewhat normal, Reeves will have to finish his commitment to that film before heading on over and assuming the identity of Mr. Wick once again.

“Keanu’s gotta finish up his commitment on The Matrix,” Stahelski continued, “which is a big deal and which I think will probably take him until the end of the year. Then we have to go into our prep mode and then we’ll start. So release dates, I’m sure with every production from Dave’s stuff to our stuff, who knows right now.”

Even though, these films are delayed, it is still cool as hell to hear more about them and as soon as I know more then so shall you. Keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your source for everyhting action and Keanu Reeves!!!

Source: Collider

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