REAL MEN: A New Documentary from Filmmaker Hasko Baumann Sheds Light on Action’s Tough Guys and Digs Deeper into What Makes Them Tick!

By:John M Jerva

With the new documentary In Search Of The Last Action Heroes now making the rounds and garnering praise from critics and genre fans alike, I am here to shed some light on another new doc that not only tackles the tough guys of action cinema but it also touches upon other decades as well besides the 80’s and 90’s and also investigates where they came from. It’s called Real Men from German filmmaker Hasko Baumann and it features some top tier action men like Michael Dudikoff, Scott Adkins, Thomas Jane and Fred Williamson.

Big props goes out to The Cinema Drunkie for putting this film on my radar and I’m doing my part to help get it out there. check out some pics from the film along with the trailer and official synopsis!

REAL MEN traces the development of the Tough Guy from the beginnings of Bogart and John Wayne to the role models of today. While going back and forth in time, the film speaks about much more than just masculinity on screen. Leading men don’t start their service out of nowhere, they are always a sign of the times. The film digs deeper: How are these men made or even manufactured? What forces prevail in molding them?

Reality has long since caught up with cinema. The Tough Guy image has made it into politics and has been, once again, relentlessly perpetuated in mainstream movies. Was it really so wise to leave the definition of manhood to cinema? And who’s going to control the screen from now on?

The Cinema Drunkie recently posted a review of the film and you can check out his thoughts on it in the link below!

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If you’re an action lover like me then this will be one documentary you’ll definitely want to seek out when it hits. I grew up with this genre and it shaped my childhood and adulthood and is still a big part of my life. It’s always interesting to see how the genre was shaped and this doc really digs at the core. The film also talks to real life inspirations for on screen tough guys like law enforcement.

As an avid action genre lover, I’ve always been intrigued with what goes into making these great films and the people behind it so these documentaries really deliver the goods with truly great behind the scenes stories and info.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more release info to follow!

The director, Hasko Baumann, was gracious enough to send over some stills from the doc and I’ll be checking this one out so look out for my complete review soon. View more images below!