ROGUE WARFARE: THE HUNT- Leave No Man Behind in the 2nd Entry of the Military Action Franchise!

By: John M Jerva

Last October, Saban Films unleashed the first installment of the Rogue Warfare trilogy which saw an elite unit of Special forces soldiers from all over the world unite to stop a major terrorist threat from taking out democracy as we know it. The film which was called Rogue Warfare starred Will Yun Lee as well as the great Stephen Lang and Chris Mulkey. The film was loaded with non stop action sequences and with a finale cliffhanger that saw our leader of the unit Daniel, played by Lee, being kidnapped by the terrorists.

Now we have the official trailer for the second installment titled Rogue Warfare: The Hunt and the remaining members of team Rogue are about to wage war to bring their man home. Take a look at the trilogy trailer and poster for the film below! The teaser for the second film isn’t in English but like I always say action speaks louder than words and the footage is kick ass so who cares what they are saying.

Official Synopsis: NO SOLDIER LEFT BEHIND… The world is faced with the threat of The Black Mask Organization. Sent on a second mission to disband this threat, our TEAM of highly trained soldiers find themselves outnumbered by the terrorist group and its leader Daniel (Will Yun Lee) is captured. Daniel is held hostage by a fierce warlord, known only as the ‘Supreme Leader’. A rescue mission is immediately ordered by the President of the United States (Stephen Lang) and his Commander in Chief Brisco (Chris Mulkey) to infiltrate the enemies home base and free their brother and soldier at all costs. The TEAM must use all their united strength to overcome the enemy and survive. Leaving no soldier behind.

The cast from the first film returns with Lee, Lang and Mulkey and includes RORY MARKHAM, KATIE KEENE and FERNANDO CHIEN. This is the second in a trilogy that was filmed back-to-back-to-back with the third entry Rogue Warefare: Death Of A Nation wrapping up the storyline.

Mike Gunther returns to direct and produces along with Andrew Decesare. The footage below should satisfy action fans’ never ending thirst for hardcore battle sequences as the bullets fly and the bodies fly higher.

Release date info is pending at this time but expect it to hit later this year and in the meantime, check out the international trailer while we wait for a domestic one below which features all the firepower and heroics that you can handle!


About The Author: John M Jerva is the owner and editor-in-chief of and is a DIE HARD fan of everyhting Action! From the glorious past to the thrilling future, John lives and breathes action!

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