INTERCEPT: Director Daniel Zirilli’s Ambitious Action Epic Readies for a Year Long Shoot!

By: John M Jerva

In the realm of the action genre, filmmaker Daniel Zirilli is a favorite here at Action-Flix site with a host of adrenaline pumping titles that have graced audiences over the years. From films like The Asian Connection with Steven Seagal to his upcoming future hits like Invincible with Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror as well as Hollow Point with Luke Goss and Michael Pare, the next few years are looking good for the producer, writer and director.

Zirilli has taken to social media to announce his most ambitious project to date that will encompass a year long shoot and action teams from around the world. The film is called Intercept and if the teaser poster is any indication, this one is going to feature some kick ass militaristic firepower and fisticuffs. Check out the one sheet below!

Plot details are being kept under wraps at the moment along with cast but we do know that Hollywood legend Michael Pare has already signed on for the film which will be helmed by Zirilli who is also serving as producer along with writer/producer Larry Coulter.

In his post, Zirilli stated, “INTERCEPT a GO for 2020. WE ARE LOOKING FOR STUNT TEAMS AROUND THE WORLD TO SHOOT 5 EXOTIC “RESCUE MISSIONS” WITH OUR ACTORS. WE COME TO YOUR COUNTRY & SHOOT AMAZING CHOREOGRAPHED ACTION SEQUENCES Director/Producer #DanielZirilli, Writer/Producer Larry Coulter – Michael Pare confirmed in CAST and many more actors to be announced. Larry & I decided to make this movie in an very unconventional way, shooting over the course of a year, mission by mission. More later.”

Like I said, the plot is not known but it will certainly feature special ops soldiers who will embark on a series of rescue missions that will span the globe. Military flicks are right in my wheelhouse so I’m super pumped for more details on this one. I’m getting an Act Of Valor vibe which is good seeing that us one of my favorites.

In the meantime, Zirilli’s Hollow Point and Invincible will most certainly see releases in 2020 so keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to come on Intercept!

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