Scott Adkins Sheds New Light on the Proposed UNDISPUTED TV Series

By: John M Jerva

Late last year, I shared some news regarding the hot in demand Undisputed TV series which is supposedly in development with original director Isaac Florentine rumored to be attached to and recently more news hit that star Scott Adkins was also set to return as well. Well, just like many things in the film industry, it is never is a sure thing and rumors tend to run rampant.

Well the brakes have been hit a little bit on the project as Adkins has announced that the series wasn’t as far along as everyone has thought. The info came via an interview Adkins gave with me and another site and while he talked about the planned series, things were taken out of context and it is far from being a done deal at this point. Insert collective sigh here.

I recently had the honor of interviewing Adkins this past December for the hit film Ip Man 4: The Finale and I asked him point blank about what exactly was going on with the show as I was hearing conflicting reports.

In the exclusive interview with, Adkins stated:

I shouldn’t have shared that on my Facebook page and that was my fault as the interview had different things discussed but the headline was about Boyka and that was my fault. It’s by far not a done deal and we are not there yet with a TV deal and so that’s what is happening.”

So there you have it Adkins fanatics. Unfortunately the Undisputed show is far from ever seeing the light of day and chances are it will never come to pass. But I’ve always learned to never say never but who knows.

In a new article with, Adkins shedded even more light on the subject and it isn’t very positive at this point. In the new interview Adkins was quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. That is not confirmed. That is not true. There is hope for it but that is not confirmed.”

There was also earlier reports that Adkins might be replaced in the series which was met by an immense fan outcry and Adkins shared his thoughts on the matter in which he pretty much confirmed that if a series did happen that there is only one man who could do the job.

“The plan is for me to be Boyka and for the three films previous to remain in the canon and it’s a follow on from that,” Adkins said. “Anyone who says any different to that, they’ll have to deal with me. Boyka will mess them up. If anyone tries to make Boyka without me, we can all agree that they would be insanely stupid to try that.”

So there you go. If a series does indeed materialize, Adkins is and will always be Yuri Boyka, the most complete fighter in the world. As well he should be because this is one character that no one, and I do mean No One, can play but the action phenom himself. Rest assured action fanatics.

Hopefully some big wig in an office at a production company will see that this series is what the fans want and hopefully they will come to their senses in the future and give us what we want and that’s Scott Adkins kicking ass and taking names on a weekly basis. After all, we can hope.

Keep it locked and loaded right here and hopefully in the future some promising news will drop on the project.

For my full and exclusive interview with Scott Adkins, click here!


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