2020 Must See Flix Volume 2- The Scott Adkins Edition! LEGACY OF LIES, SEIZED, THE DEBT COLLECTOR 2

By: John M Jerva

To know me is to know that I am a huge Scott Adkins super fan. I have been ever since 2003 when I first saw the action phenom defy gravity in the action film Special Forces. Throughout the years, Adkins has proven that he is one of the action genre’s most prolific stars and all you have to do is run down his filmography to see that Adkins is the reel deal when it comes to martial arts and action entertainment. He has also turned it on as of late in the drama department with the Jesse V. Johnson helmed Avengement being his best performance to date. From his turn as Yuri Boyka in the Undisputed franchise to other classic entries like Ninja, Ninja 2: Shadow Of A Tear and The Debt Collector, Scott has given the fans what they have craved time and time again.

Volume 2 of my 2020 Action-Flix Must See Flix is all about Scott Adkins and 2020 is sure to be another banner year for the human highlight reel. Here are three of his highly anticiapted films for the new year!


Official Synopsis: Martin Baxter an ex-CIA agent is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes when Shasha Stepanenko, a beautiful young Ukrainian journalist seeks his help uncovering the shocking truth about covert operations conducted by the Russian Secret Service.
What haunts former CIA agent Martin Baxter?…ancient enemies, unfinished business or a feeling of worthlessness? Ten years have passed since he resigned the CIA after making a fatal misjudgement in a covert op in Kiev in which he tried to get hold of secret files containing proof of operations conducted by the Russian Secret Service…
Is he willing to die to reveal the truth or let millions of people die…?

An incredible white-knuckle thriller of a movie starring the undisputed Scott Adkins of “Undisputed- BOYKA”; The Expendables; Dr. Strange to name a few incredible movies, Scott is one of the top martial arts film stars in the world…

Adkins is back and better than ever in the new action film Legacy Of Lies from award winning director Adrian Bol and this time, Adkins is turning on the heat as an ex-CIA operative who must run a gauntlet of conspiracies, espionage and elite killers as he tries to uncover the truth behind covert missions run by the Russian Secret Service.

All through production, we have seen numerous photos released which shows off the action we are in store for as Adkins will both be running and gunning as well as using his trademark lethal martial arts skills to take down the bad guys and save the day.

Also starring with Adkins are William Forsythe, Honor Kneafsey, John Hales, Leon Cheesua, Yulia Sobel, Marco Robinson, Leon Sua and Anna Butkevych and the official Facebook page recently announced that the film was hitting the streets this coming February so lets hope that a trailer with some awesome first footage is on the way soon!


In SEIZED, Adkins plays Carl Rizk, an ex-covert operative who’s moved to a small quiet town in Oregon to raise his son and daughter gets awakened by a phone call and message from a modulated voice telling him that both his children have been kidnapped and buried alive with just enough air to survive for the next 5 hours. In order to ever see his children alive again, RIZK has to take on three distinct groups of highly-skilled criminals and kill each and every one of them. But he has to work alone and face increasing obstacles and levels of weaponry to uncover the identity of the man behind the macabre plot. The clock is ticking and RIZK can’t waste any time or make any mistakes or he will lose his family forever.

Scott Adkins fans know that director Isaac Florentine pretty much put the superstar on the map as he directed Adkins in Special Forces as well as Undisputed 2 and 3. The one-two punch combo of Adkins and Florentine was a thing of brutal beauty and when you saw both men’s names attached to a project, you knew you were in for the action goods.

Now the two have teamed up again after a long hiatus for the action-thriller Seized which sees Adkins starring as an elite operative named Carl Rizk (a fine action name if I do say so myself) who must race against time to save his children. To do so, Rizk will have to take out three top tier targets in the vein of Jason Statham’s The Mechanic. Expect some high-octane fisticuffs as Florentine is one of the directors that have made Adkins look his best on film although Adkins looks stellar regardless of who is directing the film.

Veteran Hollywood actor and filmmaker Mario Van Peebles co-stars along with Adkins and it looks like he will be on bad guy duties for this one. Stay tuned for trailer and release date info to drop soon!

Release Date and Trailer: TBA


Of all the films that are coming in the future from Scott Adkins, this one was probably the most unexpected given the way the original film ended but it indeed is the case as French and Sue are back and bigger and badder then ever in the highly anticiapted Jesse V. Johnson helmed sequel The Debt Collector 2. Now I don’t believe that I’m spoiling it for anyone becuase if you’re a fan then you’ve definitely seen the first one but it did look like both Sue and French bit the big one at the end of the film as they were riddled with bullet holes. But becuase of us, the fans, they will live to see and fight another day in the follow up that is now in post production with a hopeful release date for next year.

Official plot details are unknown at this point but it looks like our odd couple will be getting into even more trouble the second time around and expect the one liners to fly just as much as the fisticuffs and firepower.

Also returning from the original is Vladimir Kulich who is reprising his role of Tommy. A new addition to the cast includes Asian powerhouse Femme Fatale Mayling Ng as Britt. Ski Carr and Charity Collins also star. Johnson once again directs and also co penned the script with Stu Small.

Release Date and Trailer: TBA

Bonus Must See Flick! Let’s not forget that Adkins will be going toe to toe with the great Donnie Yen which comes out a week before the new year so as a bonus, I also recommend Ip Man 4: The Finale which hits on December 20th in China and then on Christmas Day here in North America courtesy of Well Go USA. Technically this is a must watch for 2019 but we can also add it to 2020. Hey it’s my site so I can do what I want!


Mixed martial arts superstar Donnie Yen is back for the final installment of the Ip Man Universe franchise in Ip Man 4: The Finale, directed by Wilson Yip.
Synopsis: Ip Man’s life remains unchanged after his wife’s death, but he and his son are slowly drifting apart. To seek a better future for his son, Ip Man decides to travel to the U.S. only to find the stable, peaceful life abroad is only skin deep. Underneath lies a deep rooted racial discrimination that is far worse than he has expected. Ip Man re-examines his position and ponders on the reason he took up martial arts in the beginning.

Ip Man 4 is the type of film that reaches classic status even before it releases and with Yen and Adkins mixing it up, this one will be on repeat religiously when it hits Blu-Ray. Add the fact that it’s Yen’s last foray in Kung Fu films and then this one will be timeless.

Release Date: December 20th-China, December 25th-North America

There’s no denying that this film will truly become an instant classic and thus it deserves to be part of the 2019 and 2020 Action-Flix Must See FLIX! Until next time when I bring you more action packed goodies for the new year, keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your source for everything action!!!

If you haven’t checked out my exclusive interview with Scott that I did with him for Accident Man, check it out in the link below. It was a complete honor to chat with him. As always, I pride myself on being your ultimate source for all your Scott Adkins news so stay tuned.

Exclusive Interview: https://action-flix.com/2019/05/31/accident-man-unleashed-an-exclusive-conversation-with-action-star-scott-adkins-reprint/