By: John M Jerva

Hot off the heels of his trailer debut for the anticipated Valiant Comics adaptation BLOODSHOT, there are rumblings that a fourth film in Diesel’s Pitch Black series may start shooting next year.

The report comes from We Got This Covered so take it with a grain of salt but Arrow In The Head also posted the news stating that David Twohy, who helmed Pitch Black, The Chronicles Of RIDDICK and the most current RIDDICK, sent Diesel a script for the proposed fourth film tentatively titled RIDDICK 4: FURYA.

Aside from The Fast And The Furious, RIDDICK is Diesel’s most successful franchise besides xXx which Diesel finally returned to after a long hiatus. Diesel will currently be free of the F&F films for the foreseeable future, so the word is that the fourth RIDDICK film will indeed shoot next year.

RIDDICK is the convict/mercenary super soldier who had his eyes surgically enhanced so he can see at night. The first film was a taut and original thriller with the second entry amping up the blockbuster status only to not do as well as hoped. The third installment went smaller like the original and was received much better with audiences and critics saying that the smaller and more compact film is the way to go for the franchise.

The new film will be set on RIDDICK’s home planet of Furya as he will most undoubtedly come face to face with some unsavory characters who want the anti/hero dead.

There is no telling if Bloodshot will be successful enough to warrant a sequel so insiders are saying that Twohy and Diesel want the fourth film to happen.

Nothing is etched in stone as of yet so keep it locked and loaded right here for more RIDDICK 411 to follow!

In the meantime, watch the man himself kick a little ass below as he takes on Bautista!