VANGUARD: Jackie Chan’s Upcoming Action-Thriller Scores a New Poster!

I just did a trailer article for a new disaster epic titled The Climbers which features Jackie Chan and Wu Jing. It looks as if Chan makes a smaller appearance in that film as Jing will be handling the main hero role but we do have some news and a new poaster for Jackie’s other upcoming action film which teams him up with his Rumble In The Bronx director Stanley Tong.

The new entry is titled Vanguard and it features Chan as part of an elite securiuty team that is tasked with protecting a wealthy businessman and his daughter when they become the targets of a ruthless terrorist organization. A new poster has dropped for the film and you can check it out below courtesy of the fine folks over at City On Fire!

Starring along with Chan are Yang Yang (The Lost Tomb) and Miya Muqi (Kung Fu Yoga).

Jackie and Stanley have teamed up in the past and have dished out some of Chan’s best action offerings in the 90’s that also included Supecop, First Strike and m,ost recently Kung Fu Yoga which unfortunately wasn’t met with the same success as the others. Vanguard, however looks to be a lot of fun with some jaw dropping action set pieces and Chan looks top tier as always.

A teaser trailer was released a while back which showcases some of the action in store and you can check it out below as the film is set to be released in China next year.

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