JARHEAD: LAW OF RETURN- The New Trailer for the Latest Entry Unloads the Firepower!

Universal Home Entertainment has finally given us our first look at the latest entry in the Jarhead franchise which is titled Jarhead: Law Of Return and features an elite unit who risks it all to save one man in the new blistering action-thriller. Watch the bullets and explosions fly below!

Official Synopsis: Major Ronan Jackson (Devon Sawa), an accomplished fighter pilot for the Israeli Defense Forces and son of a U.S. Senator (Robert Patrick) is shot down while flying through Syrian airspace. After miraculously surviving the crash, Jackson is taken captive by a group of Hezbollah militiamen. A gripping and powerful story with hard-hitting action, Jarhead: Law Of Return follows a squad of elite soldiers led by Sergeant Dave Flores (Amaury Nolasco), as they risk their own lives in the hopes of saving an ally they’ve never met.

The new installment was helmed by Don Michael Paul who directed the second entry Field Of Fire and it stars Amaury Nolasco, Devon Sawa, Jeff Pierre, Ben Cross, Yael Eitan, Amas Taman and Robert Patrick.

Devon Sawa in Jarhead:Law Of Return

In a recent interview I conducted with star Devon Sawa, he talked about making the movie as well as his character Major Ronan Jackson:

Yeah I had a lot of fun doing that and it’s really not hush, hush. I play an American born-Israeli fighter pilot and it’s called the “law of return” where they can come over and take half Israeli born people and bring them over to join their military so I play a pilot that goes down in Syria and the team has to come in and get me but I’m interrogated and it’s really a cool project and it was a lot of fun ad we shot it in Bulgaria a little bit and we went to Jerulsialim and Tel Aviv and it was amazing.

For the complete Action-Flix interview with Devon, CLICK HERE!

JARHEAD: Law Of Return will hit the shelves with maximum firepower on October 1st from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Pre-Order the film at Amazon.com and watch the trailer now!

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