METROPOLIS: Does The CW have a New Superman Series Up Their Sleeve?

Normally I don’t do rumors but I do when they are interesting enough and I have a few minutes to do a post while I’m on break at work and this one would be huge if it comes to past.

According to the site Cosmic Book News, The CW might be planning a new Superman TV series tentatively titled Metropolis for the near future. Even better, word has it that it’s going to have the look and feel of the Richard Donner films as well as John Bryne’s work in the comics back in the 80’s.

Tyler Hoechlin as a The Man Of Steel

What makes this news even more juicier is the fact that Brandon Routh is leaving DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so there’s another rumor that he will once again don the S and red cape like he did in Superman Returns. Now there’s also Tyler Hoechlin who has been crushing it as Superman on The CW In Supergirl so he would be the most likely other option to play Kal-El in the new series.

Brandon Routh In Superman Returns

Arrowverse creator, writer and producer Greg Berlanti is supposed to be behind it once again which makes sense given that it will probably fit into the other shows.

Evidently there was a DC Universe idea to have a series which would have had Lois Lane and Lex Luther teaming up X-Files style to investigate mysteries pre-Superman but Thant never materialized thank God.

The Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event is said to be changing the landscape drastically for The DC shows so we will have to wait and see just what happens. Both Routh and Hoechlin will be playing the Man Of Steel for the event with Routh playing the Kingdom Come version of Krypton’s last son.

Like I said, nothing is confirmed yet so keep it locked and loaded right here for more details if any to come!

Source: Cosmic Book News

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