A few days ago, we broke the news that Universal 1140 was doing a sequel to JCVD’s 1995 Die Hard clone Sudden Death with action/martial arts star Michael Jai White with Marrese Crump also joining the fray and now we have an official press release from Universal giving us more details on the film. Read below!

Universal 1140 launches production on WELCOME TO SUDDEN DEATH, the sophomore feature from writer and director Dallas Jackson. Jackson’s most recent credit is Blumhouse’s urban slasher THRILLER while in the realm of television he notably served as executive producer on BET’s series Rebel with the late iconic-filmmaker John Singleton, who was a long-time friend and mentor to Jackson.

Action Star Michael Jai White

WELCOME TO SUDDEN DEATH is a reboot of the original 1995 SUDDEN DEATH directed by Peter Hyams and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, now presented with a comedic twist. The new film will star actor and comedian Gary Owen and trained martial artist Michael Jai White, who’s diverse and ground-breaking credits include BLACK DYNAMITE, SPAWN, and most recently the American action flicks TRIPLE THREAT and A HARD WAY, as well as a recurring role on CW’s hit Arrow.

“I’m such a huge fan of martial-arts films I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reboot this cult classic with Universal 1440,” says Jackson. “Michael Jai White and Gary Owen are both at the top of their game right now and an on-screen dream team. We’re having a blast making this movie and putting a twist on the buddy-action genre. I can’t wait for the world to see what we’re cooking!”

The film begins shooting in Winnipeg, Canada this week and is slated for release on Netflix June 2020.

Director Dallas Jackson

I remember last week when I first broke the news that is was a remake as earlier reports were saying and everyone and their mother was flipping out as to why they would do that. When I found out that Universal was doing, I suspected that it was one of their DTV sequels and sure enough it is.

Rest assured with the action drenched talents of Michael Jai White and Marrese Crump involved, there is going to be some major ass kicking involved and I love that it will be premiering on Netflix just like White’s other exceptional action offering The Hard Way.

You are going to want to keep it locked and loaded right her for all the latest updates with Welcome To Sudden Death!

In the meantime, lets watch Michael do what he does best in the climatic fight from Netflix’s The Hard Way!

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