Stallone Wants Balboa Productions to be the Go To Place for Action Films

Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone recently created his own in house production company affectionately called Balboa Productions as a means to create high octane content for the masses. If anyone knows the action genre, it’s Rambo himself.

In a new report via Variety, it has been announced that Sly wants his company to be “the Blumhouse of action movies.” Stallone created the company back in May of last year and together with Braden Aftergood, who is the executive in charge of scripted development, they are paving the way to bring gritty and action drenched entertainment while telling stories about the underdog overcoming adversity. Photo Of Braden Aftergood And Stallone Courtesy Of Variety: Credit: Dan Doperalski

In the article, Aftergood was quoted as saying, “My goal is for us to be the go-to place for action. I appreciate that statement is grandiose, but Blumhouse has done an extraordinary job owning the horror space,” says Aftergood. “There is no reason why we can’t own the action space in a similar way.”

Everyone knows that Blumhouse Productions is the premiere company that has been dishing out some of the finest horror films in the past years like The Purge and Get Out, so it makes since that Balboa Productions would want yo do the same for the action genre.

The company is about to release one of their biggest projects which sees Stallone returning as Rambo in Rambo: Last Blood which hits theaters in a few months on September 20th but Sly isn’t stopping there as they are also developing an English language remake of the Korean gangster hit The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil as well as the monster flick Arcane from Director Corin Hardy. Another sweet sounding film in development is titled The Bellhop which will star international action sensation Iko Uwais from the hit action film Triple Threat as well as the upcoming Netflix series Wu Assassins. Stallone is also set to star in a dark superhero film called The Samaritan.

In the end, Stallone wants to do more than just act. “I want to go on and do something meaningful, so I thought why not try to find a partner who can do the real hard work of getting together all of this talent and put a different spin on doing film and TV in our own vision?”

Any way you slice it, I think the action genre is in capable hands with Stallone and his Balboa Productions and I cannot wait to see what they dish out next!

Source: Variety

Photos Credit: Dan Doperalski and Variety

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