Review: Antonio Banderas is Back in Action in “Security” (Reprint)

(Original Publication Date: August 21st, 2017) By: John M Jerva

Review: Security

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Cung Le, Liam McIntyre, Katherine de la Rocha, Yana Marinova and Ben Kingsley

Directed By: Alain Desrochers

Official Synopsis: “Antonio Banderas is Eddie Deacon, a war hero suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who takes a low-key job as a nighttime security guard at a shopping mall to get back on his feet. Things are uneventful until a gang of brutal ruthless bikers and their psychotic leader (Ben Kingsley) chase an innocent girl into the mall in an attempt to kill her and keep her from testifying against them. Now Eddie and his team of unarmed guards are her only hope for survival in this tense, pulse-pounding thriller.”

Is Is Action-Flix Approved: Going into a movie like SECURITY, you know from the trailers that is is yet another clone in the seemingly endless assembly line of movies that takes their cue from DIE HARD. Yes, this is true, it is another one of those films where the hero is trapped in a confined space and must battle his way through a small army of cutthroat villains in order to save the day and rescue innocent lives. Some of these films have been good clones while others not so much. I’m here today to say that Security is one of the clones that is top notch and well worth the price of admission. While it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it is a rocking 90 minutes of firepower, firefights and close quarters hand to hand combat. Instead of Nakatomi Plaza, we find the action centered on a shopping mall where our reluctant band of regular people must rise to the occasion and become heroes when a little girl is threatened by some very bad people. The plot of SECURITY may be standard but the execution and action is top drawer. 


The main reason why SECURITY is a cut above the rest is because of its main star, Antonio Banderas. Some people love him while others don’t but he is a solid actor and he rises to the occasion in every film that he is in. Ever since he appeared in EXPENDABLES 3 a few years back, Banderas has been on a bit of an action resurgence as of late. Here he plays Eddie Deacon, a former special forces soldier who is now a civilian suffering from PTSD. Deacon is in a bad place and because of what he experienced overseas, he is estranged from his wife and daughter and he is desperately looking for work and to reclaim who he used to be. Because of this, he takes a minimum wage job as a third shift mall security guard to try and get his life back together and hopefully reunite with his family. Banderas is one of those stars that makes any movie he is in better and while this could have been a throwaway action film, his involvement elevates it. He is also spot on in the film’s numerous action pieces and gets down and dirty with both guns and his hands and feet. I was joyously surprised with how he executed the action. Well done indeed.


When a film has Ben Kingsley in it, you know that it is going to be better than average to say the least and he is cool, calculating and sinister as the films’ villain Charlie who is the leader of a band of hired mercenaries. His performance made me think of the late, great Alan Rickman as Hans Guber from the first DIE HARD which i am sure that the film makers wanted. He is a bad man but he is also polished and refined and that makes him even more scary. Liam McIntyre, who took over the role of Spartacus on Starz, is also good as Vance one of the security guards. He starts out being a total douche bag and just when you think you have his character figured out, he does a complete 180 and proves you wrong. Former MMA champ Cung Le (Savage Dog) plays a small role as Dead Eyes, the right hand man to Charlie. He’s not in the film a lot but he does get to shine in some of the action sequences. 


The production values for SECURITY are pretty good and the action is plentiful and exciting. There are many firefights and Banderas does a lot of rather impressive stunts. I was especially  with his close quarters combat skills and the fight between him and Cung Le is definitely the highlight of the film. While it could have been longer, it was brutal and satisfying. Banderas gets to execute some rather John Woo-esque action too and there is a nice scene in particular where he slides across the floor with both guns blazing that will surely put a smile on your face. The film clocks in at around 90 minutes and two thirds of the film is loaded with great action. 


To sum it all up, SECURITY is an action movie that does what it is suppose to do and that is entertain. While it doesn’t reinvent the action wheel, it more than gives you your money’s worth when it comes to exciting action set pieces and a hero you want to root for. The film takes its cues from DIE HARD like so many films have in the past but the star power, execution and stand out action make this one a must see from start to finish.



SECURITY is now available on Digital HD and VOD and will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 5th from Universal Home Entertainment

Official Trailer:

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