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EXCLUSIVE: Chad Michael Collins Talks HIGH MOON, CALL OF DUTY and More!

Five years ago, when I was starting out with my little old website, I was trying to get my name out there and trying to get interviews for my site. When nobody basically knew what Action-Flix was, two individuals (both named Chad funny enough) gave me the distinct honor of being able to chat with them for my site. The first was writer/producer Chad Law and the second was the one and only Chad Michael Collins who is best known for playing Marine Sniper Brandon Beckett in the awesome Sniper franchise where he took over from Tom Berenger in the action drenched series.

Now, five years later, I am pleased to present my third interview with Chad as we talk about his new action-horror hybrid film HIGH MOON, as well as being in the new Call Of Duty game that hits this October. Check out our exclusive conversation below!

1) Hi Chad! Just wanted to mention you’re the first person to do a third interview for my site! Congratulations! How’s it been going since we last talked? Any cool updates?

CMC: I’m honored, truly! But let’s not stop there! Things have been going well – we’ve had a nice release for HIGH MOON that’s still going strong, and I’ve finally been able to share that I’m a lead in the new Activision CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE game coming out this fall, October 25th.

2) Before we get to High Moon, just wanted to ask you if there are any plans for another Sniper? I need my fix of Brandon Beckett lol. 

CMC: I can neither confirm or deny, but I have heard rumors that another one might be in the works soon!

3) Lets talk High Moon! First off how did the idea come about? I know Josh wrote it as well and did you have a hand in it?

CMC: Yes, HIGH MOON was all Director/Writer Josh Ridgway’s conception. And it’s a fun one, an action-horror-western mash-up that has been really well received. I came on board as a producer on the backend during the sales process and promotion, but before then I just starred in the lead role.

4) You’re character of Colt is a cross between Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood or so I thought. Was that what you were going for or did you tailor him after someone else specific?

CMC: That’s a pretty good comparison, actually! He’s definitely got the stoic tough guy thing going, being an undead old West gunslinger driven by a single purpose: to hunt and kill all werewolves. But he can also be charming as well, somewhere between a Wyatt Earp and a Doc Holliday. I definitely brushed up on my old western films before filming started to get that feel in my bones.

5) The film is certainly a homage to the great 80’s flicks. How important was it to get that right and do you think personally that you succeeded?

CMC: It is, and I think that was important to Josh and myself since we were both weened on classic 80s action films. I think we got it right in a lot of ways, not just with the really fun action throughout the movie, but also nailing the camp and humor in it. Some of the best 80s action films are also the most fun and quotable, so we steered clear of getting too self-righteous with HIGH MOON.

6) Tell fans what makes High Moon stand out from the rest of the pack ( pun intended lol)

CMC: I welcome all puns, all the time! I think HIGH MOON stands out most obviously because it’s a genre mash-up, a combo of action, horror and western. It’s unique in that you’ve got an old West gunslinger and a band of werewolf outlaws waging war with each other in the present day. I mean, the wolves end up on motorcycles, and I end up driving an old Barracuda hot rod. That’s something you’re not going to see in most movies!

7) We are used to seeing you take out the bad guys from long ranges. This time you get to dish out some pretty impressive close quarters combat moves. How much prep did that take? 

CMC: It’s true – Colt more often than not gets up-close-and-personal in HIGH MOON, and that’s always fun to do. I did come a few days early before filming to work with Freddie Poole, a world-class martial artist and our stunt coordinator. We choreographed some bits that involved weapons, chiefly the two double-sided hand axes Colt wields. So we did a little bit of Eskrima training, working with sticks to mimic the swings and parries. It was a lot of fun and adds a nice martial element to our film on top of the revolver and gun play.

8) What scene from the film stands out as your favorite and why?

CMC: I’m in love with the opening scene of the film, with Colt squaring off against the howlers in an old western town thoroughfare under the light of the full moon. It’s a great opening fight scene, with a great set and fun period costumes. Our DP Ron McPherson shot that beautifully, and it’s my favorite scene in the film.

9) This film has a great cast including Sean Patrick Flanery who is a personal favorite. How was it to work with him and what did the others add to the film? Also I’m a big fan of James Wlcek from Walker and Sons Of Thunder.  How cool was it to work with James?

CMC: Yes, Sean Patrick Flanery was a standout in HIGH MOON. He brought so much fun to his role as the crooked mayor of a small town that the wolves are ravaging. I’ve seen the movie a dozen times and I still laugh out loud during all of his scenes. He’s just a genius actor. And Jimmy was great as well! A great guy with even greater biceps, ha! We had fun working together. Really, the whole cast was great, and I enjoyed so many of the performances in the film. 

10) Tell us how it was working with Josh Ridgway for a director. Any good stories?

CMC: Josh and I clicked right away over email and the phone. A mutual friend connected us, and he was a fan of my SNIPER films, so when he offered me the role of Colt I jumped at the chance. Truly a bucket list role, playing a gunslinging werewolf hunter. On set, it was very much a collaboration, crafting scenes and dialogue together to add some extra sauce to the film. We became instant friends, and are currently developing more projects together, so stay tuned!

11) The film boasts some pretty impressive action sequences for a smaller film. How was that accomplished?

CMC: Well, thank you! I think they are pretty impressive, given the minor budget and small shooting window. Our stunt guys were excellent, and that’s key. Often times we were so under the gun, schedule-wise, that we had to just wing a lot of the fight scenes on the fly. Not as ideal, but everyone was on top of their game and they turned out well. They made me look good, and I have much respect for them all.

2) The film is left open for Colt’s return in the future? Any plans on that happening? Was it always a plan to hopefully create more stories? 

CMC: Indeed, Colt drives off into the sunset, so he’s still out there on the hunt. There have been conversations about doing more, and Josh has a lot of ideas, but for now we’ve been just sitting back and gauging the reaction from people. We expected it to be well-received, and it has in ways that have exceeded our expectations. Fans and audiences really seem to dig it, the media has been supportive…so, it’s a good possibility that we could see more of Colt down the road.

13) Any new projects coming up that you can chat about? Especially the action ones. I saw that you’re doing the new Call If Duty: Modern Warfare. Awesome news. Just wanted to know how that came about and can you tell us about the character of Alex that you’re playing. Was it always a dream to be in a game? 

CMC: Outside of HIGH MOON in its DVD run, I’ve got a really fun episode of the new AMC Shudder’s “Creepshow” series coming out this fall. And COD: MW, of course. I’ve been filming the video game on and off for the past year in strict secrecy, so it’s been nice to finally talk about it. However, I can’t say too much other than that I play a character called ‘Alex’, a tier-one CIA operator who’s embedded with freedom fighters in the Middle East during a nasty Russian occupation. But more details on the story and the characters will be coming out in September, closer to the release date. It’s a huge global hit, these COD games, and MODERN WARFARE has always been among the most popular, so we’re all expecting this game to explode out of the gates. We’ve filmed some incredible things, so I can’t wait for people to wrap their hands around a controller soon!

Thanks again Chad for he awesome third interview. Can’t wait for number four!

HIGH MOON is now available on DVD and Digital!

HIGH MOON Official Trailer

You Can Purchase The Film At The Sites Below!

Digital Purchase Links:

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2LKiSUM

iTunes: http://bit.ly/2VFbUoP

Amazon: https://amzn.to/31bcE46

FandangoNow: http://bit.ly/2JLcIkV

DVD Purchase Link:


XBOX https://amzn.to/2Iq0zzz

PS4 https://amzn.to/31br0kZ

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