Amazon is Prepared to Reboot JACK REACHER for Television

Last year it was made infamously aware that novelist Lee Child was not fond of Tom Cruise as his titular hero Jack Reacher. It wasn’t that Cruise was a bad actor, of course, it was just that he didn’t posess the proper physicality to play the part. In the novels, Reacher is described as “6’5″ with hands the size of dinner plates,” and clearly Cruise is not as the Mission: Impossible star stands at 5’7″ in stature.

Now The Hollywood Reporter is bringing word that Amazon is now developing the Jack Reacher property into a television series after the streaming service won a bidding war last year and the series has been given a script to series order with CBS’ Scorpion creator Nick Santora hired as showrunner.

Amazon Studios, Skydance Television, and Paramount Television will produce as they have already brought Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan to Amazon. They will have plenty of source mnaterial to contend with as Childs has written 23 Jack Reacher novels with a 24th planned to be released later this year.

The first film with Cruise was a hit back in 2012 as it grossed over
 $220 million worldwide but its sequel released in 2016 didn’t fair as well and was not met with the same critical success either.

No other details are known about the series and, of course, a new Reacher has yet to be picked but you know that the next actor to play the role will be approved by Childs himself.

Keep it locked and loaded right her for more details to come and hit me up on who you think should feel Reacher’s shoes this time around!

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