Just the other week, the awesome news broke that the highly anticipated Mortal Kombat reboot had added its first of many cast members and that The Raid’s Joe Taslim had won the coveted role of the iconic Sub-Zero. This will surely be the first of mant casting announcements that will be made on the project’s wat to production in Australia later this year.

If Taslim’s casting wasn’t great enough, we now have official confirmation that the reboot will be the first R rated Mortal Kombat film in history and that the legendary Fatalities that are part of the game will also be a factor of the new movie.

The news was made by the film’s screenwriter Greg Russo who gave the fans the epic news via his Twitter account. Check out the post below!

Now this news is very much welcomed and it is great to see that producer James Wan and director  Simon McQuoid are being truthful to the source material and aren’t shying away from what makes Mortal Kombat unique. The Fatalities will certainly be worth the price of admission alone and it looks like we will finally get a true and accurate depiction of the video game on the big screen.

Plot details are non existent right now but we do know that the movie will start filming later this year in Australia with a release date already set for March 5th, 2021.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come on Mortal Kombat!

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