Hey Scott Adkins Fans! Do Your Part and Bring the Action Star to the U.S. Comic Cons!!!

There’s no denying that Comic Cons are all the rage these days. Way back in the day, the San Diego Comic Con was pretty much the only event pop culture fans could go to and get their fix of all things comics and throughout the years, it has evolved into an entertainment juggernaut where it seems that every maor city has one. Comic Cons are much more than comics now, encompassing all facets of genre entertainment like movies, television, collectables and more. Major celebrities from all around the world now come to these weekend long meet and greets to see the fans and promote their latest projects. They are certainly a phenomenon all their own.

I have one question for all of you. What would make a Comic Con even better? Well the answer is having a Comic Con with international action star Scott Adkins as a guest that’s what! Adkins through the years has solidified himself into one of the most exciting on screen action performers with his trademark ariel martial arts moves and with characters like the iconic Yuri Boyka, he has cemented himself as the premiere go to go in the genre with flicks like the Undisputed franchise as well as the recent epics Triple Threat and the down and gritty Avengement.

I am a die hard Scott Adkins fan and have been ever since 2003 when I first saw his mastery of on screen fighting in the classic Isaac Florentine helmed Special Forces. With as much of a super fan I am, there is someone out there who is even more of a fan and that is Annie Hayden who I know through social media and is a follower of my site. Annie lives and breathes Scott Adkins and now she is doing her best to get the word out that Scott wants to visit some of the U.S. Comic Cons out there to see his army of fans and he has a limited window of opportunity to do it between now and October. Annie has been communicating with his booking agent and with my help, maybe we can get Scott to come to one or more of these events and get a chance to see the legions of fans that worship him. After all, if anybody deserves to be highlighted at these events, it’s Mr. Adkins who is one of the premiere action stars of this generation.

How can we do this you ask? Well it’s rather simple actually. All you have to do is email any of the upcoming Comic Cons that are taking place between now and October and let them know that you want Scott Adkins at that event. Scott’s fans are very vocal to say the least from what I see from my website and now is the time to take action and maybe, just maybe, you will get to see the action phenom in person.

I am a regular attendee of October’s New Yok Comic Con and will be attending yet again this year so I will do my best to let them know that I want to see Scott as a guest. The more fans that get involved the better chance Scott will be added as a guest to one of these yearly events.

Between now and October, the main Comic Cons that will be taking place are the San Diego Comic Con being held from July 18th through the 21st. The Boston Fan Expo hits New England from August 16th till the 18th and, of course, the New York Comic Con invades NYC from October 3rd till the 6th. If there are any other events hitting from that time frame, drop me a line and let me know.

I had the honor of chatting with Scott for an interview for Accident Man in February of last year and it was a great experience to talk with the down to earth action star. Check out the full interview here.

So there’s the wind up and the pitch everybody. It’s that simple. Just email any of the events repeatedly and let them hear you loud and proud. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line on the contact page here on my site.

San Diego ComicCon Official Website

Boston Fan Expo Official Site

New York Comic Con Official Site

Lets hear you Scott Adkins fans!!!

Scott Adkins Fan Tribute

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