The new Jesse V. Johnson/Scott Adkins collaboration Avengement has been burining up the U.S. for a few weeks now and now fans of the UK were able to finally see the film last night as the action-drama made its official premiere with Adkins and other cast memebers in attendence. The evening not only featured the UK premiere for the film but there was also a special Q & A session with the stars afterwards. Check out some of the red carpet photos below!

AVENGEMENT UK Premiere Photos Courtesy of Mark Strange

The event was held at the Stratford East Picturehouse and I must say that I am jealous as the UK gets all the cool premieres with the stars. Adkins is receiving critical and fan raves for his performance as Cain Burgess who is on a mission of retribution. called the film “essential viewing for hardcore action fans” and also stated that Adkins delivers a “career defining performance.”

Photo Courtesy of Mark Strange

Other cast members that were in attendence included Mark Strange,  Dan StylesBeau FowlerDominic KinnairdGreg Burridge, and Lee Charles .

Other stars were also in attendence including action phenom Jean-Paul Ly from Nightshooters and Jailbreak and more and the night looked truly awesome. Adkins answered questions from the fans on a special Q & Apanel moderated by Mike Fury

Photo Courtesy of David Blackwell
Photo Courtesy of Jean-Paul Ly
Photo Courtesy of Jean-Paul Ly

Avengement will hit UK Digital next week on June 17th and then be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on July 1st from Dazzler Media! Check out our exclusive review of the film by clicking here! Pre-Order the film now from!

Official Synopsis: While on a prison furlough, a lowly criminal evades his guards and returns to his old stomping ground to take revenge on the people who turned him into a coldblooded killer.

Avengement UK Blu-Ray Cover
Official UK Trailer

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