Jeremy Piven Enlists for New Supernatural Actioner FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE from Occupation Rainfall Helmer Luke Sparke!

I’m not sure if Jeremy Piven would be my first choice for this movie as it sounds like a hyper realistic actioner with plenty of fisticuffs but Emmy Award winner Jeremy Piven has enlisted for the supernatural thriller Fight for Your Life. The new project is set to be helmed by top notch indie genre filmmaker Luke Sparke who is best know for the awesomely action drenched Occupation films.

Take a peek at the new press release below featuring all the intel on the high octane flick!

Jeremy Piven, (Image by Alan Silfren)


Jeremy Piven(“Entourage”) is set to star in the upcoming supernatural action feature, “Fight for Your Life,” directed by Luke Sparke (“Occupation: Rainfall”, “Bring Him To Me”) Sparke Films will produce, with work underway in Australia for pre-production builds.

The Golden Globe-winning star will play a soldier who wakes up in a mysterious cell and is forced to face an onslaught of deadly opponents in an ever-changing fight arena – his only goal being to survive long enough to return to his daughter.

The film also includes rising star Jamie Costa, who shot to viral fame in 2021 with his incredible portrayal of Robin Williams in a proof-of-concept short film for a proposed biopic, as well as his Star Wars fan film ‘Kenobi’, who will debut in Sparke’s upcoming crime thriller ‘Bring Him to Me’.

“Fight For Your Life places Jeremy in a morality battle with himself and a slew of opponents in a vast array of settings. I was drawn to do this film and push my limits in the action space while focusing a study on a single man and his will to survive. It’s a blast and a half and so thankful someone like Jeremy stepped up to this role, he’s a triple threat and can’t wait for audiences to see him in this!” said Luke Sparke.

The script was penned by Luke Sparke and Co-Writer Tom Evans (Bring Him To Me) from a story by Sparke. Rounding out the Sparke Films team are accomplished producers Carmel Imrie and Carly Sparke, co-producer Alex Becconsall and Executive Producers Geoff Imrie and Luke Sparke.

Sparke’s latest film, the crime thriller BRING HIM TO ME starring Barry Pepper, Rachel Griffiths and Sam Neill will be released in the 2nd half of 2023.

S&R Films acquired North American and the rest of world sales rights and are featuring artwork from FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE at the current Cannes film market.

“This is the kind of action-packed, wild ride that I go to the theatres for and hit the ‘rent’ button on. It’s as simple as that,” says S&R’s Gato Scatena. “I know the story is going to really excite audiences, but having worked with Luke and his team before, I’m equally confident that the completed and polished product is going to set the film above and apart from any comparable titles.”

Scatena & Rosner Films (S&R) will be shopping the project at the upcoming Cannes. Other films being repped by S&R at the market include the Mike Colter (“Luke Cage”) starrer, “I’m Charlie Walker,” Joe Lo Truglio’s (“Brooklyn Nine Nine”) directorial debut, “Outpost,” and the Tribeca Film Fest-winning dramedy, “Allswell,” starring Elizabeth Rodriguez (“Logan”) and Max Casella (“Tulsa King”), among others.

FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE has started pre-production in Australia.

Piven is one of the finest character actors out there and it’ll definitely be interesting to see him tackle this gauntlet staged action pic which will definitely feature Sparke’s signature set pieces. I’m intrigued and will definitely feed you all more intel on this one when I acquire it!

Lock ‘N’ Load for more to come as we are your destination for everything action!


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