Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants You to Know that No One Knows Action Like Netflix!

While Stallone is over at Paramount+ with his series Tulsa King, fellow action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger wants you to know that Netflix is the place to be when it comes to action. I’ve actually been saying this for a while now and have supported the streamer’s action filmography as others have seemed to want hi do nothing but bash it.

In a clever and fun new promo, Arnie locks and loads through Netflix’s upcoming action arsenal including god own new series FUBAR. It’s time to go big or go home with Arnie, his tank and Netflix. Check it out below! After all, he is the Netflix Chief Action Officer and he knows a thing or two about things that shoot, blow up, punch and kick!

Nobody Knows Action like Arnold Schwarzenegger. And nobody hits like Netflix.

That’s why we’ve appointed Arnold as our new Chief Action Officer.

So whether it’s The Night Agent, The Mother, FUBAR, Extraction 2, The Witcher, Heart of Stone, The Brothers Sun, Lift, or a wide variety of other must-watch films and series, he’s working around the clock to bring you the biggest action on earth.

And don’t miss Arnold’s new action comedy FUBAR, only on Netflix May 25.


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