Donnie Yen is On Fire as the Action Icon Announces IP MAN 5, FLASHPOINT 2 & More at Cannes!!!

Donnie Yen is a Raging Fire, if I can use a title from one of his greatest action films. The international action and martial arts icon blew into Cannes like a tornado of fists and feet to announce a trio of projects that includes Ip Man 5, Flashpoint 2 and a new film called Misjudgment. I’ll let you practice your breathing for a few until we go on…

Ok, now that this comes with a bit of shock and awe for martial arts film buffs with the announcement of a fifth Ip Man movie. It was said that the fourth film was Yen’s goodbye to these types of films but clearly never say never as a new installment is on the way. No details in terms of plot and cast have been released so stay tuned.

The second film is another sequel to another classic Donnie Yen police thriller Flashpoint and while we don’t know if it’s an actual sequel or prequel or something else entirely remains to be seen. The first film was a prequel of sorts as Yen played the same police detective who died in SPL. This one will be called Flashpoint: Resurgence and you can view the bone breaking teaser key art below. We do know that this one will probably infuse tight and technical MMA moves into the fight choreography so stay tuned for more to come!

Lastly, we have a new movie called Misjudgment which looks like it might be a change of pace for Yen as the teaser poster is a mystery. I’m intrigued regardless snd will definitely watch any type of movie Yen is in.

We also know that both Ip Man 5 and Flashpoint: Resurgence will be helmed by Yen as the posters reveal so. The latter is up in the air right now so be sure to follow us for breaking news on these Donnie Yen projects and more as we are your destination for everything action!!

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