The Action Fix Podcast Exclusive! FIGHTING SUPREMECY- A Conversation with International Action Star Marko Zaror of FIST OF THE CONDOR: Part 2!

International Action and Martial Arts star Marko Zaror returns to The Action Fix Podcast to chat more about his retro martial arts film FIST OF THE CONDOR which is now streaming on HI-YAH! Last time, we got into his role in JOHN WICK CHAPTER 4 and touched briefly on his passion project that is now streaming on Well Go USA’s martial arts channel. The movie will debut on May 23rd on Blu-Ray and DVD and in this second part continuation, we delve into the movie and talk about the fight sequences, the characters, the creation of the project, filming during the pandemic and much more in this hard hitting exclusive interview you’ll only see here at!

Get ready for more bone crunching fighting supremacy as Marko Zaror returns for the second time on The Action fix Podcast!!!

FIST OF THE CONDORdescribed as “part Bruce Lee, part Rambo, part Sergio Leone, all Marko Zaror” by Peter Volk of Polygon, lands fists-first on Digital,Blu-ray and DVD May 23 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Zaror (John Wick: Chapter 4,Undisputed 3Machete Kills), who demonstrates yet again why he is the man to watch in martial arts cinema, is supported by a strong cast, including Eyal Meyer (Too Late To Die Young), Gina Aguad (Mirageman), Fernanda Urrejola (Cry Macho), and Man Soo Yoon (Kiltro). Written, edited and directed by Ernesto Díaz Espinoza (Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun WomanSantiago Violenta), FIST OF THE CONDOR follows a martial arts master as he battles the world’s greatest assassins to protect a sacred, ancient manual from falling into the wrong hands.

FIST OF THE CONDOR stands as a clear love letter to some of the most beloved martial arts films of the twentieth century, with a poignant story built on familiar thematic hallmarks of the genre, including duty, honor and sacrifice.


Upon the Incan empire’s fall to invading conquistadors, 16th-century Incan martial arts masters quickly hid a sacred manual containing the secrets behind their deadly fighting technique. But after centuries of careful safeguarding, the manual is again at risk of falling into the wrong hands, leaving its rightful guardian to battle the world’s greatest assassins to protect the ancient secrets within.

Check Out our exclusive review of FIST OF THE CONDOR Below!

Review: Marko Zaror’s FIST OF THE CONDOR is a Bone Crunching Mixture of New Wave Fight Flick and Old School Kung Fu Slug Fest!


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