Guy Ritchie Assembles Henry Cavill, Eliza Gonzalez & Jake Gyllenhaal for Untiled Action Project!

Director Guy Ritchie knows a good thing when he’s got it and that’s why the prolific filmmaker is assembling an all-star cast of Hollywood stars he’s worked with before for a new and secret action film.

The untitled action flick is set to star Henry Cavill and Eliza Gonzalez who worked with Ritchie on the upcoming WWII epic The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare as well as Jake Gullenhaal who stars in Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant which is playing in theaters now and hits Digital and VOD next Tuesday. Ritchie is certainly digging the war dramas as of late so expect this one to have solid action set pieces mixed with stinging humor and unparalleled drama. Gonzalez also co-starred with Gyllehaal in Michael Bay’s Ambulance.

The title and plot for the action film is being kept secret for now but Deadline did say that Cavill and Gyllenhall as “two extraction specialists who must plan an escape path for a high-level female negotiator.”

In the press release, Ritchie talked about the new movie and assembling this crack team of A List stars to headline it.

“There’s something special that happens when you collaborate with the same partners regularly: you build a shorthand and a trust that lets everybody do their best work. Jake, Henry and Eiza are all astonishingly talented, committed, and engaging actors. This is going to be an action-packed movie that is both intellectually stimulating and physically exhilarating.”

Cavill and Gonzalez Star in Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare which tells the story of the “British military recruiting a small group of highly-skilled soldiers to strike against Nazi forces behind enemy lines during World War II.” The concept is fierce and it sounds like Cavill will be getting his action hero on for it so I’m waiting anxiously to see any footage from it.

Gyllehaal can be seen now in Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant and I haven’t had the chance to partake in that one yet but I will be doing so next week when it hits the streaming services. The movie is a harrowing tale of brotherhood and centers on a “U.S. Army Sergeant (Jake Gyllenhaal) who is saved from capture by the Taliban by his interpreter (Dar Salim). After returning home, he discovers that the man he owes his life to has vanished and has a price on his head, leading to him embarking on a desperate mission to repay his debt.”

Ritchie has also been working with action star Jason Stratham who he had a collaboration early in the action star’s career delivering top tier entertainment like Wrath of Man and Operation Fortune. The latter was more of the Ritchie humor while the former went dark.

Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more revealing details about this project as we are your destination for everything action!!!

Source: Deadline


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