HANSAN: RISING DRAGON- It’s an Epic Battle at Sea in the New Trailer for Well Go USA’s Korean Period Actioner

Well Go USA is going to the high seas for their next adrenaline fused offering with the release of the South Korean period war film Hansan: Rising Dragon. Filled with sweat soaking battle sequences on the high seas, watch the new trailer below along with box cover art for the launch. If you’re a fan of water soaked battles on the ocean with sword fights and explosions galore then this film will check all the boxes!

A prequel to The Admiral: Roaring Currents—the most-watched film in Korean cinema history—HANSAN: RISING DRAGON depicts the historical Battle of Hansando. In 1592, Admiral Yi and his fleet face off against the might of the invading Japanese navy and its formidable warships. As the Korean forces fall into crisis, the admiral resorts to using his secret weapon, the dragon head ships known as geobukseon, in order to change the tide of this epic battle at sea.

Writer/director Kim Han-min creates a prequel to his breakout hit The Admiral: Roaring Currents with the epic war drama HANSAN: RISING DRAGON, sailing onto Digital, Blu-ray and DVD November 15 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Based on the historical Battle of Hansando depicting the emergence of Korea’s legendary dragon head ships called “geobukseon,” and loaded with spectacular CGI and VFX action effects, HANSAN: RISING DRAGON stars Park Hae-il (Decision to Leave, War of the Arrows), Byun Yo-Han (The Book of Fish) and Ahn Sung-ki (The Divine Fury, The Hunt).

The bonus content on HANSAN: RISING DRAGON includes “Character Highlights,” “Secrets of Makeup,” staff commentary and an optional English dub.

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