AVARICE: A Master Archer Takes on Mercenaries to Save Her Family in the New Actioner Now on VOD!

I must admit, once again, that I knew nothing of this movie until I was scrolling through Facebook and it popped up on my feed and what a pleasant surprise it was courtesy of the land down under. A new action-thriller is out now that tells the story of a normal woman who is skilled in archery that must take action to save her family. The movie is called Avarice and it’s available now on VOD so if you like to see bad guys get theirs via bow and arrow like me, then this movie is for you.

Official Synopsis:

A gifted archer must rescue her husband and daughter after they are abducted during a vicious home invasion.

Helmed by John V. Soto (The Reckoning, The Gateway), it stars Gillian Alexy, Luke Ford, Nick Atkinson, and Alexandra Nell.

This movie hits my sweet spot as I love to see archery used in action movies. Its like seeing a an expertly choreographed knife fight as it’s a special skill that is hard to master and is hardly used in movies. It’s also a great example of a normal woman who possesses this one skill that does what she has to when her family is threatened. Too many times, the protagonist has to be ex-special something so I rather do enjoy action movies where it showcases an average person who just does what they have to when all seems lost. There’s nothing like a woman scorned to really open up some decent carnage on the screen.

Gillian Alexy brings a certain vulnerability and sympathetic edge to her role as Kate Matthews, a living mother and wife who just happens to have this one saving grace skill that comes in handy when her world is threatened. When it comes time to let it fly, she excels in the action sequences and you really want to root for her and see her take out killers that are more trained then she is. Very satisfying to say the least.

Check out the trailer making the rounds on the net and check out the movie itself available now via Epic Pictures Group!

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