Alain Moussi Set to Star in KING OF KILLERS Prequel Series Based on the Upcoming Film & Graphic Novel!

The movie hasn’t even been released yet but that’s not stopping the fact that a prequel series to the upcoming actioner King of Killers has already been greenlit. The film which hails from Underworld co-creator Kevin Grevioux stars martial arts action star Alain Moussi (the Kickboxer reboot franchise) as well as genre favorite Frank Grillo.

The series will be a prequel to the events of the soon to be released movie and the graphic novel that it’s based on. Red Sea Media and Redbox Entertainment, who produced the movie, will be paying the bill for the series as well. The series will go in front of the cameras in Saskatchewan later this year with martial arts actor Alain Moussi (Jiu Jitsu) reprising his role of Marcus Garan and the official synopsis of the movie is as follows:

King of Killers is set in the same world as Gervioux’s graphic novel and upcoming film and follows a group of international spies and assassins as they search for The Source, a sinister organization causing chaos across the globe.

Teaser poster for the feature film version of King of Killers

Grevioux helmed the movie from a script that he also penned and it is currently in post production and will probably hit sometime next year. The rest of the cast includes Stephen Dorff, and Marie Avgeropoulos.

The plot for the prequel series is not known at this time but it will probably deal with events and situations that will mess up to the feature film. So far, Moussi is the only star attached to the prequel as of this writing .

Moussi in a scene from King of Killers

In a past article for Screen Daily, Moussi described the new project as “fresh and fun” and also stated that “Kevin has a brilliant vision for the action and visual style of King Of Killers and the first-class KOK team is passionate about bringing that vision to life.”

I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was first announced back in February of last year so it’s great to finally hear that production is complete and that a series is also in the cards. The film and show will definitely give fans a definite adrenaline shot of fisticuffs and firepower and will surely contain ofc the charts fight sequences rivaling Hong Kong style action.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to come on both the film and series of King of Killers as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

Source: THR

One thought on “Alain Moussi Set to Star in KING OF KILLERS Prequel Series Based on the Upcoming Film & Graphic Novel!

  1. Not a very good sign when the lead actor gets 3rd billing.

    Anyway, Alain Moussi has to be the luckiest action guy ever. First, his “Kickboxer” reboot gets a 3-movie deal from the outset, despite turning into an utter and complete failure.
    Now, this new movie gets a prequel TV series before even launching (probably to the same “success” his projects usually meet).


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