Now In Production: THE DEAD ROSE Starring Genre Favorites Vernon Wells & Eric Roberts

By: John M Jerva

Best of the Best’s Eric Roberts and Commando’s Vernon Wells are currently on location shooting a new horror-thriller title The Dead Rose. This one sounds interesting and with the star power involved, it should rise above the indie cinema pack come release time. Also starring Jimmy Drain, the film tells the story of a man who must brave a dark, underworld of extortion and violence along with a dangerous cult. Take a look at the first look image of Roberts and Wells below along with the press release!

The Dead Rose starring Vernon Wells, Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, Cooper Huckabee, Richard Tyson, Jimmy Drain and Harley Wallen is currently in production


The Dead Rose stars Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2), Oscar nominee Eric Roberts (The Pope of Greenich Village), Cooper Huckabee (Space Cowboys), Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop). This film is currently in production in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California.


Jimmy Drain (The Initiation), Rachel Alig (First Blush), Natasha Coppola-Shalom (Last Call), Erika Monet (Night Things), Michael S. Rodriguez (Last American Horror Show), Sparkle Soojian (The Last Battleship), Bob Bagnall (Shoot From the Hip), Maggie Wagner (Sallywood), Harley Wallen (Investigation Discovery’s Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda), Marcus D. Spencer (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and and Eric Cartwright (Crisis Point) round out the cast. 


After the death of his father, Robby Duray’s (Drain) faith is to put to the test when he is seduced into the corrupt world of organized crime, extortion and violence; masked in the form of an underground cult threatening to take over the world. 


The logline for this thriller-horror-drama film is ‘Forgive him, for what he is about to do.’ 


This film is produced by ThunderKnight Entertainment LTD in conjunction with Joseph Kelbie Williamson of the The Williamson Management, Darren Boylan, Jimmy Drain, Kenneth Drain, Andreas Schonhofen, Mark Flemmich, Brian Bondurant, Wesley Cannon, Clayon Dahlstrom, Daniel Kelley, Danny Langston, Xiyad Quwais, Gloria Tait and Hawk Younkins. 

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