THE KILLER:  Director Choi Jae-Hoon’s Hitman Actioner Readies to Light Up the 2022 Far East Film Festival!

By: John M Jerva

First of all, I have to begin this post by giving some mad props to Saverio Occhipinti who is an avid follower of all things action on Twitter. Mr. Occhipinti was gracious enough to tag me in a YouTube video for the rad looking new South Korean action-thriller The Killer which is ready to premiere at the 2022 Far East Film Festival this month. Not to be confused with the iconic 80’s action pic from John Woo, this film hails from South Korea and from director Choi Jae-hoon. This is yet another assassin film where our retired anti-hero must break out his particular skill set to protect a young girl. Yes, this plotline has been done to death but when you watch the blistering, bullet riddled Gun Fu filled trailer, you won’t care what the plot is. Peek at the balletically violent carnage in the new teaser below!


The hit man’s last mission: Keep the girl safe and sound.

Eui-kang is a retired hit man. While his wife goes on a trip with her friend, she asks him a special favor to take care of her friend’s daughter. He doesn’t want to be bothered by the teenage girl but Yoon-ji gets stuck with juvenile delinquents and Eui-kang unavoidably uses a little bit of violence to protect her. However strangely, the juvenile delinquents are found dead and things start to get serious. Even worse, Yoon-ji is kidnapped by a teenager trafficking unit and Eui-kang is suspected of murder. He cannot fail his wife, he must get Yoon-ji back.

Starring Jang Hyuk, Anne, Lee Seung-joon, Bang Eun-junj and Kim Hae-woong, The Killer is set to make its official premiere at this year’s Far East Film Festival which will run from April 22nd to the 30th.

There’s no shortage of high-caliber mayhem in the new trailer and this film is another prime example that South Korea is still absolutely crushing it when it comes to delivering all out-action extravaganzas. This one has certainly made it onto my most anticipated watch list with its balletic action set pieces that include firepower and fisticuffs.

Unfortunately, there is no international release info yet but I’m pretty optimistic that one of the leading distributors of Asian Action Cinema will pick this one up. Afterall, Well Go USA just put out another awesome South Korean action flick in Spiritwalker so this film is right in their wheelhouse.

For more 411 on the FEFF, visit their official website here for a complete line-up of movies from all genres.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for future details on The Killer as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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